Commercial Ice Maker Machines

Commercial ice makers produce batches of ice in various styles to meet numerous needs across the foodservice industry. Whether you need to furnish an office breakroom with a countertop ice dispenser or provide ice for guests at a large resort, our collection includes options to suit your application.

Ice Machine Heads Example Product

No matter the size or type of your operation, there's an ice machine head capable of producing plenty of fresh ice to keep staff stocked and guests satisfied.

Ice Machines with Bins Example Product

Choose from our collection of ice machines with bins for a reliable production head paired with a compatible means of ice storage in one convenient purchase.

Undercounter Ice Makers Example Product

Undercounter ice makers are ideal for compact spaces or simply keeping a supply of ice on hand. Our selection includes commercial and residential options.

Ice Dispensers Example Product

Ice dispensers provide a sanitary, convenient method of enabling customers to self-serve fresh ice in restaurants, hotels, convenience stores, and more.

Countertop Ice Makers Example Product

Add a commercial countertop ice maker to your operation to provide convenient access to fresh ice, even in the most compact breakrooms or beverage stations.

Ice Merchandisers Example Product

Use an ice merchandiser to organize bulk ice for sale by the bag – perfect for increasing revenue at supermarkets and convenience stores.

Ice Bins Example Product

Match your production head with one of our ice bins, available in a range of sizes to ensure any-volume operations stay fully stocked throughout shifts.

Ice Maker Filters Example Product

Find an ice maker filter compatible with your machine to help ensure your ice tastes clean and looks clear. Get filters and replacement cartridges here.

Ice Machine Compressors Example Product

Browse our collection of ice machine compressors – available in air- and water-cooled configurations – to find the perfect model for your ice maker.

Sort our ice machines by ice type to find the perfect style for you. Browse machines capable of churning out everything from large cubes to delicate flakes.

Choosing a compressor type is one of the first decisions in finding the right ice machine for your operation. Browse air-cooled, water-cooled, and remote-cooled...

These parts and accessories can make your ice maker more useful, ensure you serve clean ice, and can help you move your ice.

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Choosing a Commercial Ice Maker

KaTom offers dozens of models of commercial ice machines – each designed to meet specific needs. Countertop models are perfect for breakrooms and self-service beverage stations, while full-size models provide large amounts of ice for high-volume operations. Both countertop and full-size models come in various configurations to suit any environment.

Commercial Ice Maker Types

Find an industrial ice machine for sale with any type of compressor. The style of compressor you choose can affect installation, noise level, and price. Our collection includes models with each of the three types of compressors: air cooled, water cooled, and remote. Potentially just as important as compressor type is ice type. Cube and nugget ice are typically the most popular styles for restaurant ice machines, but for cocktail lounges or healthcare facilities, specialty shapes such as top hat or flake are also available.

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