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Here you'll find shelves and carts to keep your foodservice operation running smoothly day in and day out. We offer organization tools every commercial kitchen can use, from complete shelving systems for storage to commercial carts and dollies for handling supplies.

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Keep your staff moving with commercial carts for every purpose, whether it's transporting food, bussing tables, or doing janitorial work.

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Optimize your kitchen space with shelving from this selection, from multifunctional wire shelves to mobile high-density systems.

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Keep your pan racks, cans, and bulk items organized and easy to access with restaurant racks designed to survive the rigors of kitchen life.

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Protect your staff from injury and exhaustion with a commercial dolly or hand truck for safely transporting everything from tables to trash cans.

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Protect your cash deposits, sensitive documents, firearms, and valuables with one of these commercial safes.

Shelving and Transport Solutions for Your Kitchen

The right shelves & carts can keep your essential supplies easy to access and prevent your kitchen from becoming cluttered. The simplest wire restaurant shelves can be adapted for virtually any application, while rugged polymer shelving can withstand the harsh conditions of walk-in coolers. For the ultimate storage capacity, choose space-saving, high-density commercial shelves on tracks.

Mobility is a must when you're running a busy kitchen, that's why we offer a broad selection of racks and restaurant carts, so you can get your food and supplies from one place to another quickly. All-purpose utility carts can be used for nearly anything that needs to be moved. Bus carts make quick work of clearing tables, while cheese and dessert carts can give your guests a memorable tableside experience.

Common Questions About Shelving

What are the best ways to utilize restaurant shelving?

Commercial shelving comes in many styles, so there is a shelving solution for most storage spaces. Affordable and reliable wire shelving is adjustable, relatively easy to install, and can be placed almost anywhere. This type of shelving is often used in both dry storage areas and walk-in coolers and freezers. The wire provides air circulation around stored items, keeping them dry and free of mold. Since air moves freely throughout the storage space, dust buildup is minimized.

Specialty shelving options like security cages and dunnage racks are also available. Cages can be used to lock up expensive items, protecting them from theft and damage. They are durable and typically mount on casters so that they can be moved around. Dunnage racks elevate heavy items off the ground so air can circulate around them.

How durable is commercial shelving?

Whether it is made of metal or plastic, commercial shelving can withstand high-volume use. Both options are strong, but each material has benefits and special features that add to its durability.

Metal shelving is the most common type available since it is heavy duty. It may be made of stainless steel, which is corrosion resistant and quick cleaning, or of chrome-plated aluminum or galvanized steel. Even though metal shelving is heavy duty, some materials are susceptible to corrosion, so plastic shelving is a great option for walk-in coolers and other humid spaces. Most plastic shelving units have capacities similar to metal shelves and are strong enough to hold bulk product. Plastic shelves can also be much easier to adjust and clean than metal shelves and are sometimes made with antimicrobial compounds that prevent the growth of bacteria and mold.

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