Specialty Shelving

Shop KaTom's selection of specialty shelving options, from commercial wine racks to security cages and heavy-duty shelving for your products and supplies.

Polymer Shelving

Strong and durable, polymer shelving won't rust or corrode, making it a great way to store items in your kitchen or walk-in cooler.

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Security Cage

A locking security cage is a good way to keep alcohol, expensive food items, and merchandise safe from damage or theft. Solid and wire units available.

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Dunnage Rack

From dry storage to walk-in coolers, a dunnage rack provides sanitary storage for large and heavy items. Great for everything from kegs to flour sacks.

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Add lockers to your break room or another area of your facility to provide safe and secure storage for employees' personal belongings.

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Commercial Wine Racks

These commercial wine racks not only enable you to keep your vintages stored properly, they can also help you secure and display your bottles.

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Heavy-Duty Shelving

These sturdy, durable shelving units are designed to hold heavy items. Heavy-duty shelving is available in a variety of sizes to meet your needs.

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Keg Racks

Keg racks are built specifically for the storage of those heavy, bulky beverage barrels. They can also fill in as dunnage in a pinch.

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Track Shelving

Track shelving increases the capacity of your storage areas by allowing you to use multiple units in the same space. Find high-density solutions here.

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