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Instead of keeping your wines on a traditional shelf where they can be difficult to see and keep sorted, consider a rack made specifically for the purpose. Commercial wine racks not only provide those functions, they also enable you to store wines properly on their sides, protecting both the corks and the quality of your wines. Whether you're displaying your selection to patrons at the bar or holding your whole stock of hundreds of bottles, you can find a rack to meet your needs here. More

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Finding the right commercial wine rack will come down to knowing how many bottles you need to hold. The largest free-standing units can hold more than 200 bottles, while smaller ones can hold a few dozen. These units are designed to hold bottles on their sides. This simultaneously keeps them easy to access, maximizes space, and keeps the wine in contact with the cork so that it doesn't dry out and run the risk of losing its seal.

If it isn't a full unit you're looking for, you'll find individual shelves and posts here, allowing you to replace damaged components or expand your existing unit. These can also be used to modify a standard shelving unit to hold a few bottles of wine.


A commercial wine rack will be finished with one of two materials to protect it from damage and extend its useful life:

  • A chrome finish is the most durable type available. Chrome has a lustrous, attractive appearance and will not rust or corrode. It does come at a higher price, though.
  • Black epoxy is a plastic coating that is applied to wire shelving, making it smooth so it's impervious to rust and corrosion. Epoxy is an economical choice, but it can become worn and chip away over time, exposing the bare metal underneath and allowing rust to form.

Options to Consider

You should also consider where you'll be installing your wine shelving. Some models are designed primarily for display, and can be used front-of-house to showcase your wine selection for patrons. Some of these can be mounted to a wall to create an eye-pleasing display.

If you'll be using your new wire wine rack back-of-house, you can opt for a standard floor model with open sides or a security cage. These have enclosed sides and are lockable to prevent theft.

We also offer mobile commercial wine racks, which include casters so your rack can be wheeled around the facility or your storage area.

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