Dishwasher Racks

Most dishwasher racks are designed to accommodate a specific type of tableware, whether it be dishes, glasses, or flatware. For instance, plate racks are sized by the diameter of plates that they can accommodate. If it's a tray rack that you're shopping for, those are a little more universal. They're typically open-ended to hold many different sizes.

Compartment Glass Racks

With configurations ranging from 9 to 49 compartments, these compartment glass racks help you clean, store, and transport your business's glasses.

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Peg Dish Racks

Peg racks are ideal for washing items that need to be stood up or separated during washing, such as plates, bowls, trays, lids, and other tableware.

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Flatware Cylinders & Baskets

These flatware baskets help you easily wash, sort, and dry utensils. Shop KaTom's selection of available flatware cylinders and baskets here.

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Dish & Glass Rack Extenders

Glass rack extenders and dish rack extenders are available in a variety of sizes and colors so you can find the right ones to pair with your racks.

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Dishwasher Rack Parts & Accessories

Find the rack covers, colored clips, and other dishwasher rack accessories you need to optimize your dishroom's organization.

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Open & Flatware Racks

Commercial warewashers make dishwashing easy, but most require a rack. Shop KaTom's selection of open and flatware racks here to make cleaning utensils simple.

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Half-size Dish & Glass Racks

Restaurants with smaller dishmachines can rely on a half-size dish rack to keep their kitchens supplied with plenty of clean dinnerware.

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