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Dishwasher rack accessories are an easy way to add versatility to your dish rack system. If your dish racks are not color-coded, colored clips can be added to the sides of dish racks to indicate which items should go in which racks. Hold down grids can be placed on the top of dish racks to secure flatware, utensils, and other loose items being washed or stored in non-compartment dish racks. Additionally, dish rack covers can be used to protect dinnerware and glassware from dust and other debris while they're being stored. Keeping plenty of dishwasher rack parts on hand can ensure your dishroom operations continue uninterrupted during your busiest dayparts. More

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Cambro DRC2020180
Cambro DRC2020180 Camrack Cover - Full Size Rack, Gray

KaTom #: 144-DRC2020180

In Stock
$23.74 / Each
Vollrath 52291
Vollrath 52291 Dish Rack Dolly Cover

KaTom #: 175-52291

$38.11 / Each
Vollrath SAVC
Vollrath SAVC Dish Caddy Vinyl Replacement Cover

KaTom #: 175-SAVC

$46.50 / Each
Vollrath 52385
Vollrath 52385 Hold Down Grid - Full Size, 18x18" Gray

KaTom #: 175-52385

In Stock
$257.69 / 1 Dozen
Cambro CLRWSR36452
Cambro CLRWSR36452 Camrack Wash/Store Rack - 8 1/4x18x5 1/2" Kelly Green

KaTom #: 144-CLRWSR36452

$10.64 / Each
Vollrath ADP
Vollrath ADP Dish Caddy Replacement Post

KaTom #: 175-ADP

$39.97 / Each
Vollrath ADVC
Vollrath ADVC Dish Caddy Cover - Vinyl

KaTom #: 175-ADVC

$46.02 / Each
Vollrath 52665
Vollrath 52665 Open-End Dishwasher Rack Insert - Chrome

KaTom #: 175-52665

$40.75 / Each
Vollrath 1006-04
Vollrath 1006-04 Code-A-Clips, Half Size, 2.75 x .75", Blue

KaTom #: 175-100604

$38.03 / Case of 12
Vollrath 1006-05
Vollrath 1006-05 Code-A-Clips, Half Size, 2.75 x .75", White

KaTom #: 175-100605

$38.03 / Case of 12
Vollrath 1006-08
Vollrath 1006-08 Code-A-Clips, Half Size, 2.75 x .75", Yellow

KaTom #: 175-100608

$38.03 / Case of 12
Vollrath 1007-02
Vollrath 1007-02 Code-A-Clips For Full Size Extender, 4 3/8 x 1 5/8", Red

KaTom #: 175-100702

$15.33 / 1 Dozen
Vollrath 1007-04
Vollrath 1007-04 Code-A-Clips For Full Size Extender, 4 3/8 x 1 5/8", Blue

KaTom #: 175-100704

$15.33 / 1 Dozen
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Common Questions About Dishwasher Rack Parts & Accessories

When should I use dish rack covers?

Dish racks and glass racks are commonly used as a way to store the items they're designed to hold during the dishwashing process. However, if you are planning to store your dinnerware and glassware in a racking system, you'll want to invest in dishwasher rack accessories that will protect them from contamination from dust and debris while they're not being used. Dish rack covers are usually clear, allowing staff to easily identify the items inside.

How do hold down grids work?

Hold down grids are sized to fit full- or half-size glass racks and dish racks. They are secured to the tops of these racks to prevent items inside from shifting when the rack is put through your facility's dishmachine. They're most often used for flatware and utensils.

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