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KaTom Restaurant Supply keeps your budget under control with a kitchen clearance sale you'll appreciate. Cheaper prices are always better and with KaTom's clearance sale, we're sure you'll agree. From furniture, trash solutions, refrigeration and more, you'll be happy to see that KaTom's clearance sale is not items that are broken and defective, but is full of high quality items that are discounted with your budget in mind. Shop KaTom to purchase our clearance, discount, and sale items today!

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Find the best of current sales and deals from KaTom in Hot Deals, where you can find the best prices on a wide variety of restaurant supplies.

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Browse our selection of equipment to find daily discount restaurant supply deals on the heavy-duty pieces that commercial kitchens depend on.

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These deals change with the seasons, so keep checking back to see the deep discounts we've put on our seasonal items to help make room for new stock.

Janitorial Deals Shop Now

Stock up on these discounted janitorial items to keep your facility clean, your customers happy, and the health inspector satisfied.

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Save big when you stock up on these discount kitchen items, including everything from turners and knives to chef's clothes and stand mixers.

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Refresh your stock of tabletop supplies without breaking your budget with deals from this selection including flatware, dinnerware, servingware, and many accessories.

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We have all the little assorted kitchen items on sale to keep your kitchen running here, from pot and pan lids to creamer pots and escargot plates.

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Stock the public areas of your facility with this discount furniture, including items like booster seats, high chairs, and seating.

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