Restaurant Flatware & Serveware

Give your guests the pleasure of world-class table service with the right restaurant flatware and serveware. Here you'll find essential dinnerware for all your dishes as well as table forks, knives, and spoons. You'll also find special pieces to make your service a hit, from drink tubs to fondue supplies. Buffet stands, risers, and dispensers will help complete your self-service setup.

Restaurant Dinnerware Shop Now

In most restaurants, dinnerware is nearly as essential as the food. Find all the plates, bowls, and accessories you need here to keep well stocked.

Glassware Shop Now

Make a positive first impression with glassware that reflects your restaurant's attitude and aesthetic. Build the perfect set of restaurant glassware from our selection.

Serving Item Shop Now

Give your customers superior table service with these serving items, from pitchers and decanters for beverages, to sizzleware for serving hot fajitas and steaks.

Restaurant Flatware Shop Now

Silverware and flatware play a huge role in how your meals are presented. Choose from a number of unique patterns to complement your dinnerware and serving pieces.

Drinkware & Restaurant Cups Shop Now

From economical plastic tumblers to elegant stemware, your drinkware needs are covered by this diverse category.

Dispenser Shop Now

Here you'll find dispensers for all your condiments and accoutrements, from sugar pourers and salt shakers to napkin and toothpick dispensers.

Spice Mill & Shaker Shop Now

Stock up on salt and pepper shakers for all of your tables, and invest in pepper mills to create memorable table service.

Buffet Stand and Riser Shop Now

Create an attractive spread at your buffet or catered event with these buffet stands and risers in dozens of available designs and styles.

Basket Shop Now

Bring your customers hot bread and irresistible appetizers in one of these baskets. Choose from woven, plastic, and metal designs.

Table Decor & Accessories Shop Now

Add those finishing touches to your guests' dining experience with table tents, card holders, and decoratives including votive candles, bud vases, and miscellaneous décor.

Presentation Cookware / Serveware Shop Now

These mini pieces provide a unique way to present signature dishes to your customers. Choose from cast iron, enameled, steel, and copper pieces.

Table Linens Shop Now

Creating a neat, clean dining experience is simple with the right tablecloth. We also have table skirting, covers, and backdrops to help achieve any presentation.

Silverware Caddy Shop Now

Select a silverware caddy to keep your utensils neatly organized. Choose from perforated cutlery bins that facilitate fast drying, decorative front-of-house bins, and rugged bus tubs.

Menu Covers & Guest Checks Shop Now

Menu covers and guest check covers are essential service items, and we have a selection of each here to fit your needs.

Fondue Equipment & Supplies Shop Now

Stock up on fondue supplies to give your customers that interactive and customizable experience they crave.

Cooling Tub Shop Now

Cooling tubs are not only a way to keep your beverages cold, they can also double as an eye-catching merchandise display. Caterers love them, too.

Tabletop Attention to Detail

Carefully-selected flatware and serveware can prove to your customers you take your service seriously. With our huge selection of flatware, you'll be able to find the exact pattern to speak for your brand, whether you run an upscale eatery or a neighborhood diner.

Since every diner eats first with his or her eyes, we stock a variety of dinnerware, serving items, drinkware, baskets, and all kinds of accessories for buffets and beverage stations. We also have the flatware and serveware odds and ends that add up to create a memorable visit to your restaurant.

Common Questions About Restaurant Flatware and Serveware

How do I choose my restaurant flatware, dinnerware, and glassware?

Your restaurant flatware and serveware need to complement other service pieces and tabletop accessories you may be using.

Restaurant flatware, dinnerware, and other serving items should be durable enough to handle daily use. Before making a purchase, operators should consider the durability and maintenance requirements of their particular dining room since this information will determine what material should be used.

Restaurant flatware is made of stainless steel, which is an alloy of steel, chrome, and oftentimes nickel. Depending on which combination is used, the flatware is either marked as 18/10, 18/8, 18/0, or 13/0, with each having its own unique characteristics and benefits. Dinnerware is typically made of melamine, ceramic, or fine china, while glassware is made of plastic, glass, or crystal.

Like material, construction is extremely important. Rolled edges and extra thickness reduce the risk of serveware chipping at vulnerable points. Oftentimes a foot on the bottom of dinnerware supports the dish. If this foot is polished, it protects tabletops from scratches and other marks. Some dinnerware is vitrified, meaning it has been melded together at temperatures as high as 2,000 degrees Fahrenheit. Through this process, the piece becomes glossier, more durable, and less porous.

What are some essential serving items and serveware?

Pitchers are typically used to refill water, tea, juice, and soda, and are usually made of plastic, glass, or stainless steel. Clear pitchers showcase the drink to merchandise the product. If you're serving wine, a decanter or carafe is the best option.

Most restaurants need equipment for coffee and tea service. Coffee pots, teapots, and creamer pitchers are the most common pieces of coffee serveware. They help wait staff serve customers and enable customers to fix up their own drinks.

Ramekins and cups hold condiments, house-made sauces, dressings, and butter. They usually have a 2-ounce capacity but are also available in other sizes.

Dessert dishes, usually made of plastic, glass, or stainless steel, come in many shapes and sizes and are perfect for serving ice cream, cake, brownies, and milkshakes. Designed with a more distinctive shape, tulip dishes are commonly used to serve desserts and are usually large enough for one scoop of ice cream.

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