Restaurant Flatware & Serveware

Give your guests the pleasure of world-class table service with the right flatware & serveware. Here you'll find essentials like dinnerware for serving all your dishes, as well as table forks, knives, and spoons. You'll also find special pieces to make your service a hit, from drink tubs to fondue supplies. Buffet stands, risers, and dispensers will help complete your self-service setup, as well.

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Tabletop Attention to Detail

Carefully-selected flatware and serveware can prove to your customers you take your service seriously. With our huge selection of flatware, you'll be able to find the exact pattern to speak for your brand, whether you run an upscale eatery or a neighborhood diner.

Since every diner eats first with his or her eyes, we stock a variety of dinnerware, serving items, drinkware, baskets, and all kinds of accessories for your buffets and beverage stations. We also have the flatware and serveware odds and ends - like table tents, menu covers, and ash trays - that add up to create a memorable visit to your restaurant.

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