Ashtrays keep cigarette ash where it belongs. We have many different models available in a variety of materials. More

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Anchor 143U
Anchor 143U Ash Tray, 3 5/8" Square, Glass

KaTom #: 075-143U

In Stock
$1.47 / Each
Anchor 148U
Anchor 148U 4.325" Snuffer Ash Tray, Glass

KaTom #: 075-148U

In Stock
$1.44 / Each
Winco MAS-4K
Winco MAS-4K 4" Round Ashtray, Black Melamine

KaTom #: 080-MAS4K

In Stock
$5.49 / 1 Dozen
Libbey 5164
Libbey 5164 5" Round Clear Glass Safety Ash Tray

KaTom #: 634-5164

In Stock
$73.87 / 3 Dozen
Libbey 1783682
Libbey 1783682 Glass Cigar Ash Tray

KaTom #: 634-1783682

$91.76 / Case of 6
Tablecraft 263B-1
Tablecraft 263B-1 Ash Tray, Black Phenolic, Deep Well

KaTom #: 229-263B1

In Stock
$8.67 / 1 Dozen
Tablecraft WPA5SS
Tablecraft WPA5SS 2 Piece Ashtray - 18/8 Stainless

KaTom #: 229-WPA5SS

$4.67 / Each
Libbey 5143
Libbey 5143 3.75" Clear Square Glass Ash Tray

KaTom #: 634-5143

In Stock
$59.32 / 3 Dozen
Winco MAS-4R
Winco MAS-4R 4" Round Ashtray, Red Melamine

KaTom #: 080-MAS4R

In Stock
$5.40 / 1 Dozen
Libbey 5154
Libbey 5154 4" Round Nob Hill Clear Glass Ash Tray

KaTom #: 634-5154

$62.99 / 3 Dozen
Libbey 5156
Libbey 5156 4.25" Round Clear Glass Ash Tray

KaTom #: 634-5156

In Stock
$74.35 / 4 Dozen
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Common Questions About Bar Ashtrays

What are bar ashtrays made of?

Bar ashtrays are made of many different materials, so they can fit into most tabletop presentations and applications. Glass bar ashtrays, which are heavy and give the tabletop an elegant feel, have a traditional look that works well in fine dining restaurants. Plastic bar ashtrays are less likely to break than glass, but they can discolor over time.

Melamine bar ashtrays are lightweight and durable. Like plastic models, melamine units are break resistant and perfect for outdoor use. These are typically dishwasher safe but can be sensitive to heat. Metal bar ashtrays are often anodized or made of stainless steel. These have a modern look and resist corrosion, staining, and breaking.

Do bar ashtrays have any special features?

Many bar ashtrays have deep wells that hold a large amount of ash without overflowing. Windproof bar ashtrays are ideal for outdoor patios and poolside applications. Some bar ashtrays are shaped to hold cigars, with a rectangular tray and a long groove that prevents the cigar from rolling around.

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