Wine Glass

KaTom offers wine glasses in a variety of sizes and designs to help you present red or white wine in a glass that will best showcase its flavor and your style.

All-purpose Wine Glasses

All-purpose wine glasses are designed for serving both red and white wines to make pouring simpler and provide a cohesive look.

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Champagne Glasses & Flutes

Finding the right champagne glass is a necessity for any restaurant that serves sparkling wine or mimosas.

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Wine Decanter & Aerator

Wine decanters are an important part of wine service, as they can rid older wines of sediment and help aerate younger wines.

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White Wine Glasses

White wine glasses come in a variety of styles and sizes to help you serve everything from a sweet riesling to a dry chardonnay.

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Stemless Wine Glasses

Casual and elegant stemless wine glasses are available in modern styles designed for use with red wine, white wine, or both.

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Red Wine Glasses

Red wine glasses are designed with larger bowls to enhance the flavor and aroma of merlot, pinot noir, and other red wines.

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Dessert Wine & Port Glasses

Port glasses will enhance the aroma and flavor of dessert wines and other sweet wines served at the end of a meal.

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