All-purpose Wine Glasses

Whether you have a small variety of wines on hand or offer an extensive wine list, all-purpose wine glasses can help simplify your wine service. All-purpose wine glasses, designed to accommodate both red and white wines, have a bowl shape that is narrower than a typical red wine glass but wider than a typical white wine glass. Their versatile design means that operators who use them can offer a basic wine menu without having numerous specialized wine glasses; having one standard wine glass also makes it easier to reorder glasses when older inventory needs replacing. More

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Libbey 9322
Libbey 9322 13 oz Prism Wine Glass

KaTom #: 634-9322

$48.99 / 1 Dozen
Libbey 9324
Libbey 9324 20 oz Prism Wine Glass

KaTom #: 634-9324

In Stock
$48.99 / 1 Dozen
Libbey 7516
Libbey 7516 12.5 oz Vina Tall Diamond Wine Glass

KaTom #: 634-7516

$38.49 / 1 Dozen
Libbey 3011/1178N
Libbey 3011/1178N 14 oz Perception Wine Glass

KaTom #: 634-30111178N

In Stock
$98.99 / 2 Dozen
Libbey 7522
Libbey 7522 18 oz Vina Balloon Wine Glass

KaTom #: 634-7522

In Stock
$38.49 / 1 Dozen
Libbey 9326
Libbey 9326 24 oz Prism Red Wine Glass

KaTom #: 634-9326

In Stock
$48.99 / 1 Dozen
Libbey 9152
Libbey 9152 16 oz Contour Wine Glass

KaTom #: 634-9152

$39.49 / 1 Dozen
Libbey 7519
Libbey 7519 12 oz Vina Wine Glass

KaTom #: 634-7519

In Stock
$38.49 / 1 Dozen
Libbey 9121
Libbey 9121 10.5 oz Renaissance Wine Glass

KaTom #: 634-9121

$43.99 / 1 Dozen
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Common Questions About All-purpose Wine Glasses

What types of wine can I serve in all-purpose wine glasses?

All-purpose wine glasses are designed to serve red wines, whites wines, and everything in-between, including rosé and champagne.

What else can I serve in all-purpose wine glasses?

To elevate your drink presentation and further simplify your lineup of glassware, you may consider serving water, tea, and other beverages in all-purpose wine glasses as well. Goblets, which are usually designed with a shorter, thicker stem, are a popular choice for serving non-alcoholic beverages.

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