Restaurant Racks

Pan racks and can racks help operators organize, safely store, and transport ingredients and cooked food. Choose from a variety of small, portable models for use on the kitchen line to larger models that are a good fit for storing food in pantries. No matter the need, we have a restaurant rack that can help.

Pan Rack

A pan rack is a great solution for high-volume kitchens that need to hold and transport dozens of pans at once for food preparation or service.

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Drying Rack

To meet health codes on the cleaning of wares, a drying rack keeps water from pooling in items after they are washed. Units for trays, pots, and glasses.

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Can Rack

Keep all your canned items organized and easy to access with a heavy-duty can rack. They can be either stationary or mobile for flexible storage.

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Rack Covers & Accessories

For replacement parts for your racks, tools to make them more useful, or items to protect them, look in our rack covers and accessories category.

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