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These bun rack covers can be used with open racks to provide protection to food during cooling, storage, and transport. Made of materials such as clear vinyl, polyester, and fabric, they may include zipper openings for easy access to product. Specialty covers can be insulated to keep heat in or for use with units that will be stored in freezers. Designed to prevent dehydration and preserve the freshness of goods, they are an important accessory for bakeries, cafeterias, caterers, schools, and other high-volume kitchens. Here you'll also find other pan rack accessories, including extenders, casters, and pan stops. More

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New Age 0307
New Age 0307 Produce Crisping Chill Basket, 26" x 9" x 29"

KaTom #: 098-307

$49.75 / Each
Update BC-CST(L)
Update BC-CST(L) 4" Stem Caster for BC-3520GZ & BC-3520BZ

KaTom #: 370-BCCSTL

In Stock
$5.62 / Each
Channel ELC-69
Channel ELC-69 Bun Pan Rack Cover for 68" to 72" Racks

KaTom #: 148-ELC69

In Stock
$25.49 / Each
Winco ALRK-10-CV
Winco ALRK-10-CV Sheet Pan Rack Cover for (10) Tiers

KaTom #: 080-ALRK10CV

In Stock
$12.39 / Each
Channel ELC-65
Channel ELC-65 Bun Pan Rack Cover for 63" to 65" Racks

KaTom #: 148-ELC65

In Stock
$25.49 / Each
Winco ALRK-20-CV
Winco ALRK-20-CV Sheet Pan Rack Cover for (20) & (30) Tiers

KaTom #: 080-ALRK20CV

In Stock
$20.46 / Each
Curtron SUPRO-14-EC
Curtron SUPRO-14-EC Rack Cover w/ Zipper Flaps, Clear PVC

KaTom #: 583-SUPRO14EC

In Stock
$37.31 / Each
Curtron SUPRO-14-GY
Curtron SUPRO-14-GY Rack Cover w/ Clear PVC Window, Gray

KaTom #: 583-SUPRO14GY

$90.72 / Each
Advance Tabco RA-25
Advance Tabco RA-25 5" Bolted Stem Caster

KaTom #: 009-RA25

$22.50 / Each
Advance Tabco PRC-2
Advance Tabco PRC-2 See-Thru Economy Rack Cover, Plastic

KaTom #: 009-PRC22X

In Stock
$52.22 / Each
Channel ELC-36
Channel ELC-36 Bun Pan Rack Cover for 36" Racks

KaTom #: 148-ELC36

In Stock
$20.99 / Each
Curtron SUPRO-14-BK
Curtron SUPRO-14-BK Rack Cover w/ Clear PVC Window, Black

KaTom #: 583-SUPRO14BK

$90.72 / Each
Curtron SUPRO-14-BR
Curtron SUPRO-14-BR Rack Cover w/ Clear PVC Window, Brown

KaTom #: 583-SUPRO14BR

$90.72 / Each
Curtron SUPRO-14-GN
Curtron SUPRO-14-GN Rack Cover w/ Clear PVC Window, Green

KaTom #: 583-SUPRO14GN

$90.72 / Each
Curtron SUPRO-20-TW
Curtron SUPRO-20-TW Rack Cover w/ Universal Loading & Window, Clear White

KaTom #: 583-SUPRO20TW

In Stock
$95.52 / Each
Advance Tabco ORL-B
Advance Tabco ORL-B 26" Oven Lift for Front Load Pan Racks

KaTom #: 009-ORLB

$67.95 / Each
Cambro GBCRC272165CLR
Cambro GBCRC272165CLR GoBag™ Rack Cover - 27" x 21" x 65", Vinyl, Clear

KaTom #: 144-GBCRC272165CLR

$99.52 / Each
Curtron SUPRO-20-TW-C
Curtron SUPRO-20-TW-C Rack Cover w/ Front Flap, Translucent White

KaTom #: 583-SUPRO20TWC

$101.99 / Each
Cambro GBIRC272165110
Cambro GBIRC272165110 Insulated GoBag™ Rack Cover - 27" x 21" x 65", Nylon, Black

KaTom #: 144-GBIRC272165110

$277.23 / Each
Curtron SUPRO-20-TW-NW
Curtron SUPRO-20-TW-NW Rack Cover w/ Universal Loading, Translucent White

KaTom #: 583-SUPRO20TWNW

$101.99 / Each
Curtron SUPRO-IC-BL Rack Cover w/ Side Load & Insulated Bottom Pad, Blue

KaTom #: 583-SUPROICBL

In Stock
$274.10 / Each
Advance Tabco RA-10
Advance Tabco RA-10 Pan Stop

KaTom #: 009-RA10

$54.00 / Each
Advance Tabco RA-20
Advance Tabco RA-20 Track Pin

KaTom #: 009-RA20

$45.45 / Each
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Most bun rack covers can accommodate several different sizes of rack. To find the best size, you need to go with the smallest cover that will fit your rack. In order to do this, pay close attention to the maximum height, width, and depth accommodated. If your rack is larger than these three dimensions, the cover will not fit. Conversely, if you get a cover that fits too loosely, it will not adequately protect your food and may drag on the floor when moving.


You can purchase one of these in one of three materials: vinyl, polyester, or fabric.

  • Vinyl tends to be the least expensive option. It is both flexible and strong, enabling it to hold up to years of restaurant use. Clear or opaque versions of this material are available.
  • You may associate polyester with clothing, but it can also be a durable and flame-retardant material for rack covers. Because of this, some models made of this material can be used for proofing.
  • Fabric tends to be the most expensive type. These models are not clear, meaning that if you wish to see inside the cover without removing it, you will have to purchase a model with a window. This material is durable and helps insulate pan racks. Because they're available in multiple colors, these may be the best choice if you'll be using your cover in a customer-facing application like catering.

Specialty Options

Besides sizes and materials, many additional options are available in bun rack covers. If you need a model that is an opaque color, you may wish to get it with a viewing window. This allows you to see inside without removing or lifting the cover. A zipper flap is a very useful option as it allows you to remove a pan without removing the cover. An info pocket allows you to place a nametag, HACCP information, or special instructions in a visible place on your cover. If you need to keep a rack either hot or cold, insulated covers are available.

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