Flatware Cylinders & Baskets

Flatware cylinders and baskets offer an easy way to wash and organize utensils in a busy washroom environment. Half-size flatware baskets can be used alone in warewashers, and cylinders can be used for organizing and drying clean utensils. They are also often used for providing flatware in buffet displays. More

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Vollrath 1370
Vollrath 1370 Replacement Flatware Cylinder - Plastic, Beige

KaTom #: 175-1370

In Stock
$2.41 / Each
Cambro HFR258151
Cambro HFR258151 Camrack Flatware Rack - Half-Size, Soft Gray

KaTom #: 144-HFR258151

In Stock
$14.42 / Each
Winco PCB-8
Winco PCB-8 8 Compartment Cutlery Basket w/ Handle, 17 x 8 x 6"

KaTom #: 080-PCB8

In Stock
$11.93 / Each
Vollrath 52641
Vollrath 52641 Flatware Basket with Handle - 8 Compartment, Green

KaTom #: 175-52641

In Stock
$86.33 / Pack of 4
Vollrath HR2D1DDA
Vollrath HR2D1DDA Dishwasher Flatware Rack - Half-Size, 10 Compartment, Beige

KaTom #: 175-HR2D1DDA

$76.84 / Pack of 2
Vollrath 52640
Vollrath 52640 Flatware Basket - 8 Compartment, Green

KaTom #: 175-52640

$72.83 / Pack of 4
Vollrath 52804
Vollrath 52804 Flatware Dishwasher Rack - Half-Size, Green

KaTom #: 175-528041

$99.48 / Pack of 6
Vollrath 52804
Vollrath 52804 Flatware Dishwasher Rack - Half-Size, Cocoa

KaTom #: 175-528042

$99.48 / Pack of 6
Vollrath HR2A
Vollrath HR2A Dishwasher Flatware Rack - Half-Size, Open, Beige

KaTom #: 175-HR2A

In Stock
$16.19 / Each
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Common Questions About Flatware Cylinders & Baskets

What are flatware baskets used for?

Flatware baskets are designed to hold utensils as they are put through a warewashing cycle. These flatware baskets have 6 to 8 compartments for separating utensils, and most have handles on both ends to make lifting and transporting simple. Most flatware washing baskets are made to be the same width as a dish rack, so it can slide into almost any warewasher or used on its own.

What are flatware cylinders used for?

Flatware cylinders can be used for washing flatware when supported in compatible flatware baskets. They are most often used for organization and transportation of silverware. These cylinders usually have holes to allow water to drain, so they can be used to divide up flatware by type before they are left to dry. Some buffets have utensil caddies with slots made to use with these cylinders, making it simple to exchange empty cylinders for full ones.

Are plastic or metal flatware cylinders better?

Plastic flatware cylinders are made of a durable plastic that can withstand high temperatures. Most metal flatware cylinders are made of stainless steel. While neither material will rust, there are some differences in durability. Plastic cylinders are more impact resistant, so they will not dent when dropped. However, they may yellow with age, become scratched, or break if put under enough pressure. Stainless steel cylinders will not break or discolor, but may dent if dropped. Because of the cost of the materials, stainless steel cylinders are generally more expensive, but will also last longer.

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