Peg Dish Racks

Peg dish racks are ideal for washing plates, bowls, lids, and more. These are available in a variety of colors and peg heights to meet your needs. Find the peg dish racks you need here. More

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What can be washed in peg dish racks?

Peg dish racks are the best solution for washing items too large to fit into compartment glass racks but need more support than an open rack can provide. The pegs are able to stand plates up or hold bowls apart from each other to allow water and detergent to reach all parts of the dishes. Peg dish racks are ideal for use with plates, trays, bowls, lids, pitchers, and more.

What makes a dishwasher tray rack different from other peg racks?

Dishwasher tray racks are made for washing trays that do not fit into a standard-sized rack. To accommodate their length, these racks are made with one open side that trays can hang out of. Because the of the length of these trays, this washing method is generally not an option in undercounter or door-type dishwashers, but work well in conveyor or flight-type dishmachines.

What size peg dish rack do I need?

Dish racks come in two standard sizes to make sizing simple. Full-size dish racks are 1934 inches by 1934 inches, while half-size racks are 10 inches by 1934 inches. Most commercial warewashers use the full-size dish racks, though there are some compact models that require the half-size racks.

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