Track Shelving

On these space-saving units, shelves are mounted perpendicular to the wall and slide on tracks. These shelves can be moved up against each other to save space. When you need an item off a shelf, you can move shelves on the tracks to get to the one you need. Track shelving is perfect for space-limited areas like walk-ins or small storage rooms. More

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Cambro CSUHD44486480
Cambro CSUHD44486480 48" Floor Track Shelving Unit, End Unit Supported

KaTom #: 144-CSUHD44486480

$538.59 / Each
Cambro CSUHD44486S480
Cambro CSUHD44486S480 48" Floor Track Shelving Unit, End Unit Supported

KaTom #: 144-CSUHD44486S480

$556.41 / Each
Cambro CSUHD44487S480
Cambro CSUHD44487S480 48" Floor Track Shelving Unit, End Unit Supported

KaTom #: 144-CSUHD44487S480

$558.92 / Each
Cambro CSHDTK10
Cambro CSHDTK10 120" Floor Track Shelving, End Unit Supported

KaTom #: 144-CSHDTK10

$302.63 / Each
Cambro CSHDTK12
Cambro CSHDTK12 144" Floor Track Shelving, End Unit Supporter

KaTom #: 144-CSHDTK12

$349.00 / Each
Cambro CSHDTK145
Cambro CSHDTK145 174" Floor Track Shelving, End Unit Supported

KaTom #: 144-CSHDTK145

$392.93 / Each
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These kits turn ordinary fixtures into a high density shelving systems. In order to create one, you must start with a stationary unit at each end. Tracks are placed between the end units. Then, additional units are fitted with casters and placed on the track, which allows them to be moved back and forth, and pushed together to conserve space, so there only needs to be room for one aisle. This “moving aisle” design makes these units best for long, narrow rooms where space is limited. This storage solution uses as little as half the space of a stationary system.

Track Location and Type

If the track is placed on the floor, casters on the feet of each unit will roll in the track, which is usually lockable to prevent the unit from moving when you need it to stay put. Floor-mounted tracks are the easiest to install and the most affordable. The tradeoff is that it is difficult or impossible to move carts over them and into the aisle between shelves. They also collect dirt and make the floor harder to clean.

If the track is located above the mobile shelving, the units move on either upside-down casters or wheels inside tubes, with casters fitted on the legs. If you decide to go with this type, you must purchase shelving units that are shorter than the end units to allow them to slide on the track. Most manufacturers will offer kits with about a 6-inch difference between them, which accounts for the 5-inch casters and the additional inch added by the hooks that connect to the track system. Tracks mounted above are easier to move and allow carts in and out of the aisle, but they come at a higher cost.

Important Considerations

People sometimes assume the term “high-density” refers to the weight of products you can store on these. The name actually refers to the amount of items it can store in a small footprint. Heavy items such as kegs should not go on these systems, because they can break the track or the wheels. Instead, place heavy items on the stationary end shelves, on a dunnage rack or keg rack.

If you choose track shelving, make sure that your floor is flat. Otherwise, a wheel may pop out of the track. If this happens, you will have difficulty getting it back in place and may even have to call a professional installer for help.

When placing the end units, make sure that they are completely parallel and aligned with each other. If they are not parallel, the track will not run between them.

Placing this type of shelving in walk-ins can be especially tricky. If you have a tread-plate or otherwise uneven flooring in your walk-in, do not consider this type of shelving.

Overall, there is more to consider when purchasing a track shelving system than with other kinds of shelving. If you have any questions, please call one of our knowledgeable Customer Service representatives at 1-800-541-8683.

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