Whether your business does not allow employees to keep cell phones at their desks or simply wants to provide them with additional personal space while they are on the clock, lockers offer a secure storage solution. Here you'll find single-column options for small operations as well as units that can be linked together to provide dozens of break room lockers along a single wall. More

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Common Questions About Lockers

Why should I add lockers to my office or break room?

Personal space can be hard to come by in a commercial business, especially if employees do not work at an assigned desk. Storage lockers are an affordable investment that provide employees with the peace of mind that their lunchboxes, jackets, and other personal items are securely stored during the work day. If your business does not allow cell phones and other electronics in working areas, lockers give employees a convenient place to store those items so that they are still easily accessible on breaks. Adding these units to your business also enables employees to keep extra clothing or additional uniforms on hand.

Which type of storage locker do I need?

Although they vary in design and appearance, all lockers provide employees with a place to securely store their personal belongings. However, there are a few aesthetic differences that offer certain operational advantages. Two major design elements to consider when purchasing break room lockers are door styles and base styles.

Locker doors are available with slits or mesh grids. In addition to impacting the overall look of the locker, these openings allow the interior of the compartments to receive proper ventilation. Slitted doors give employees more privacy, as the content of their break room locker cannot be seen by passersby. On the other hand, gridded doors make it possible for managers to easily view what is being stored, enabling them to monitor the items employees are bringing onto the property.

Storage lockers may come with an enclosed base or be mounted on adjustable legs. This design choice does not impact the function of the units but does impact the labor required to clean them. Enclosed bases may require less maintenance since they will not need to be swept under and can be easily wiped down. Although they may require more work, lockers with adjustable legs can be evenly installed on uneven floors.

What size lockers are available?

There is no standard sizing system for office lockers, so it's important to pay attention to the dimensions of the lockers you're considering and verify that they will fit into your footprint prior to purchase. A one-column locker with six compartments may be as compact as 12 inches wide, 12 inches deep, and 78 inches tall. Lockers with additional columns, and thus more compartments, could measure 36 inches wide or more. Since many lockers are designed to be connected together, you will be able to create a custom configuration to better fit your needs.

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