Drop Safe

If you run a business, a drop safe may be a necessity for protecting assets between times when they can be processed or deposited. These are designed to keep your cash protected from both burglars and internal theft. With a drop slot on top of the unit, employees can make deposits into the safe without opening it. We stock several different models in many sizes, with either one or two compartments. More

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What sets these safes apart from other types is the inclusion of a drop slot, which functions similarly to those on large, freestanding mailboxes. You open a drawer on the front of the safe, insert your deposit, and let it close. While the user is making a deposit, access to ones made earlier is blocked, keeping people from fishing out your money. Having the ability to accept bags of cash and change make these safes popular in the offices of restaurants and retail stores.

The first thing you need to consider when purchasing a drop safe is how much interior space you will need. This is determined by how much money you plan on keeping in the safe at one time and how frequently you will be taking deposits to the bank. The range of interior spaces begins at less than one cubic foot and goes to more than six. If your safe is for a busy restaurant or large retail store with several registers, you may want to go with a larger model. If it is for a smaller establishment where employees will make cash deposits at the bank frequently, a smaller cash safe will work just as well.

A Second Compartment

One option available on a depository safe is the addition of a storage safe. Units with one are often called two compartment models. However, only the compartment for cash has a deposit door as the other compartment is mainly for storing important files and items such as financial records or electronic devices. Having one of these does away with the need for two safes.

Finding a Place for Your Model

After you have decided on how much interior space you need and whether you need to have a storage compartment, the next consideration is where you'll put your drop safe. Typically, these models are mounted to the ground due to their heavy weight and to make it harder for burglars to run off with them. After you find a place to put one, research the exterior dimensions of the model you plan on purchasing to ensure it will fit there. The smallest models are 14-inches wide and deep and 20-1/4-inches tall. The largest models are more than 30-inches wide, more than 27-inches tall, and 21-inches deep.

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