Ice Bin Parts

Our selection of ice bin parts will help you get the most out of your unit. A divider can be used to create multiple compartments in your ice bin. An ice bin bottom ensures your ice isn't sitting in melt water, which can make ice melt faster. Ice rakes and paddles help you break up your ice, and since leaving an ice scoop inside the bin is a health code violation, we offer many different scoop holders in various sizes.

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Scotsman ADS-APRC6
Scotsman ADS-APRC6 AquaPatrol Water Filter Replacement Cartridge

KaTom #: 044-ADSAPRC6

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Scotsman KBT27
Scotsman KBT27 Ice Bin Top for B230 & B530

KaTom #: 044-KBT27

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Hoshizaki HS-2033
Hoshizaki HS-2033 Top Kit, 8-in

KaTom #: 440-HS2033

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$95.00 / Each
Ice-O-Matic KPU090
Ice-O-Matic KPU090 Pump Kit - GEMU090

KaTom #: 159-KPU090

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$342.00 / Each
Ice-O-Matic KBT5
Ice-O-Matic KBT5 Ice Bin Top for B100 Dispensers

KaTom #: 159-KBT5

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$217.00 / Each
Hoshizaki HS-2032
Hoshizaki HS-2032 4" Ice Bin Top Kit

KaTom #: 440-HS2032

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$90.00 / Each
Manitowoc Ice K00427
Manitowoc Ice K00427 33-in Bin Level Control

KaTom #: 399-K00427

$285.45 / Each
Scotsman KUFM20
Scotsman KUFM20 Floor Mount Kit - For CU0920

KaTom #: 044-KUFM20

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Hoshizaki HS-2035
Hoshizaki HS-2035 Top Kit, 22-in

KaTom #: 440-HS2035

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$105.00 / Each
Follett AF10LBLEGS
Follett AF10LBLEGS 4-in Leg Kit for 12CI Series

KaTom #: 608-AF10LBLEGS

$101.25 / Each
Hoshizaki DMLEGS
Hoshizaki DMLEGS 4" Ice Bin Leg Kit, Black

KaTom #: 440-DMLEGS

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$75.00 / Each
Krowne C-19
Krowne C-19 12" Ice Bin Divider, Stainless

KaTom #: 381-C19

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$77.41 / Each
Scotsman KBT38
Scotsman KBT38 Ice Bin Top for 22-ft Dispensers

KaTom #: 044-KBT38

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Carlisle IC2254CS00
Carlisle IC2254CS00 5" Swivel Plate Caster

KaTom #: 028-IC2254CS00

$28.01 / Each
Scotsman KNUGDIV
Scotsman KNUGDIV Field Installed Nugget Ice Kit for all ID & BD Di...

KaTom #: 044-KNUGDIV

(You can remove it at any time)
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