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Chlorine test strips are used to check the concentration of chlorine-based sanitizers, while quant test strips check the concentration of sanitizers containing quaternary ammonium. You'll find each of these products in individual strips and by the roll. These water quality testing kits can help ensure your dishmachine and compartment-sink procedures are up to code. You'll also find sanitizer and quaternary tablets here. More

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Micro CM-240
Micro CM-240 Chlorine Dispenser - 10 200 PPM

KaTom #: 733-CM240

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Follett 00979674
Follett 00979674 16 oz Nu-Calgon IMS-II Sanitizer

KaTom #: 608-00979674

$15.75 / Each
Micro CM-240V
Micro CM-240V Chlorine Dispenser - 10 200 PPM 100 Count

KaTom #: 733-CM240V

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$5.47 / Each
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Common Questions About Water Sanitizers

What are steramine tablets?

Steramine tablets are sanitizer tablets for restaurant dishware that dissolve into water to create a sanitizing solution. One tablet of steramine creates one gallon of cleaning solution, meaning just one bottle of 150 tablets can create 150 gallons of solution. Not only does this product create an effective cleaning solution, it also saves space in your storage area when compared to products such as bleach. Steramine products can also have a much longer shelf life than other cleaning agents.

Steramine is strictly a water-sanitizing agent and water containing it should not be consumed. When the tablets are put in water, the water will turn blue to let staff members know that water contains steramine. Steramine can kill infectious materials, including viruses, at first contact. Using this product, operators can rest assured that their products are being properly sanitized.

How do I make sure my kitchen surfaces are properly sanitized?

Quaternary tablets are perfectly PH balanced in order to ensure the desired areas are properly sanitized. Each bottle includes 150 tablets, and each case comes with 6 bottles. We recommend that one tablet should be used for each gallon of water. This ratio will help ensure the water stays at the perfect PH level.

How do I check the chlorine level of my water?

You should use chlorine strips to test the chlorine level of your solution. These products can prove that your water and sanitation solution meets federal and state guidelines, as well as local health regulations. Different colors on the front of the product packaging act as a guide for the levels on the strips. Users can dip the strips into the solution and then refer to the packaging to see exactly what level the chlorine is at. When testing the solution, make sure to dip the strip into the liquid part of the solution and not just the foam since this method will give you a false reading. Getting the correct reading is important because too much chlorine could be toxic, while too little will not get the job done in a sanitary fashion.

Is it possible to use too much of a water sanitizer?

Yes, it using too much of any of the listed water sanitizers can be toxic. When using these products, be sure to read the product descriptions to make sure that you are using the correct amount. This will help ensure that your staff and guests health will not be compromised.

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