Dishwashing Gloves

Whether your back-of-house staff is washing delicate items by hand or loading and unloading dish racks during your busiest daypart, dishwashing gloves will help employees keep their hands dry and safe during the washing and sanitizing process. To offer employees additional comfort, long dishwashing gloves may extend up to or past the elbows, protecting arms from splashes that are likely to occur when items are being washed. For operations that use a three- or four-sink method, heavy-duty dishwashing gloves are resistant to high temperatures and abrasive chemicals that could be irritating or harmful to employees' hands and arms. More

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Common Questions About Dishwashing Gloves

Do dishwashing gloves have latex?

Some dishwashing gloves are made of latex, but other common materials include nitrile rubber and neoprene rubber. If you are seeking to avoid latex because of an allergy, you'll find information on the composition of each pair of gloves on the product pages.

What size dishwashing gloves should I buy?

Dishwashing gloves are usually available in Small, Medium, Large, or X-Large, but some come in a "one size fits most" design. To ensure each staff member can find comfortable gloves, you may wish to keep multiple sizes available.

How do I clean dishwashing gloves?

Some gloves can be cleaned in a washing machine. If you aren't sure whether your gloves can be machine-washed, you may wish to wash them by hand and let them air dry or simply replace them with a fresh pair when they become stained or unsanitary.

What color dishwashing gloves are available?

Dishwashing gloves usually come in muted colors like black or gray. Colorful options like yellow and green can help you create color-coded system to designate certain gloves to specific tasks or areas of your facility. For example, using yellow gloves to load dirty dishes into dish racks and green gloves for unloading clean racks can help your operation avoid cross-contamination.

Are dishwashing gloves resistant to heat?

Many dishwashing gloves can resist temperatures as high as 185 or 195 degrees Fahrenheit, which is important given that high-temperature water is typically used to sanitize wares.

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