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KaTom offers a variety of dish machine parts and dishwasher accessories, which are often vital components of monitoring your machine's performance and maintaining its good condition. Replacing the pressure regulator valve and other dishwasher parts if they are damaged or begin to malfunction will ensure your machine continues to operate smoothly. You'll also find helpful accessories, like temperature labels, that assist in verifying the unit is performing as expected. More

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Jackson 05700-002-51-66
Jackson 05700-002-51-66 False Panel For Conserver XL Only

KaTom #: 099-57000025166

$120.98 / Each
Hobart PRESREG-1/20BR
Hobart PRESREG-1/20BR .50" Pressure Regulator Brass

KaTom #: 617-PRESREG120BR

Call us for pricing $179.41 / Each
Hobart PRESREG-3/40BR
Hobart PRESREG-3/40BR .75" Pressure Regulator Brass

KaTom #: 617-PRESREG340BR

Call us for pricing $194.04 / Each
Jackson 05700-003-33-55
Jackson 05700-003-33-55 Back Panel, For Avenger LT & HT

KaTom #: 099-057000033355

$138.92 / Each
Jackson 06401-002-40-56
Jackson 06401-002-40-56 Tie Down For Avenger LT & HT Only

KaTom #: 099-64010024056

Ships Free
$138.92 / Each
Hobart DWT-PW
Hobart DWT-PW Drain Water Tempering Kit for Hobart PW Model Pot Washer...

KaTom #: 617-DWTPW

In Stock
Call us for pricing $1,155.77 / Each
Insinger POWERLOADER Power Loader, 1/3 HP, SS


Ships Free
$3,800.31 / Each
Jet Tech 07-9011
Jet Tech 07-9011 Pressure Regulator Valve

KaTom #: 029-079011

$210.00 / Each
Insinger POWERUNLOADER Power Unloader, 1/4 HP, SS


Ships Free
$5,671.48 / Each
Jet Tech 10503
Jet Tech 10503 Legs for Jet Tech f18 Dishwasher

KaTom #: 029-10503

$48.90 / Each
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Common Questions About Dish Machine Parts & Accessories

What is a drain quench system used for?

Many government regulations stipulate that the temperature of water entering the sewer system must not exceed 140 degrees Fahrenheit, since hotter temperatures may cause damage to pipes and other infrastructure the water passes over on its way down. The water used in high-temp dishwashers is at least 180 degrees Fahrenheit, and some low-temperature dishwashers may use water that exceeds 140 degrees Fahrenheit. A drain quench system uses additional cold water to lower the temperature of used water to a temperature that is safe for all wastewater pipe systems. This also ensures that used water will not interfere with your grease trap. This dishwasher part may come standard on some models, and can be added to others.

What does a pressure regulator valve do?

A pressure regulator valve controls the pressure of incoming water. This dish machine part is important because water that is too high or too low can negatively impact the performance of your machine and may even be dangerous.

How do I use dishwasher temperature labels?

High-temperature dishwashers use water that is at least 180 degrees Fahrenheit to sanitize dishes. To ensure your unit is reaching this temperature during its cycles, a dishwasher temperature label can be placed on an item that will be run through the unit, like a plate. Throughout the cycle, the adhesive strip will change colors as it reaches that temperature associated with that color. Some temperature labels include colors for 160, 170, and 180 degrees Fahrenheit, while others simply include a color indicator for 180 degrees Fahrenheit.

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