Dish Room Equipment

Here you'll find the dish room equipment you need to keep your serveware and utensils clean and sanitary, from bus carts to booster heaters.

Booster Heaters

For chemical-free sanitizing and dishes that dry more quickly, invest in a booster heater for your commercial dishwasher. We have both electric and gas models.

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Utility Cart

Designed for all-purpose transport, the utility cart is available in metal or polymer, with a number of shelving options to fit your operation's needs.

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Dish Caddy & Dispenser

Dish dispensers can be a mobile unit on wheels or a system permanently installed into a countertop. Shop KaTom's selection of heated and unheated dish dispenser...

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Glass Brush

Efficiently clean stubborn soil off of bar glasses with a glass brush. Choose a manual or electric-powered model.

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Grease Trap

A restaurant grease trap keeps grease and oil from entering the wastewater disposal system and keeps you compliant with the law.

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Dish Table

Expand your dish room workspace with a dish table. Many accessories and configurations are available to interface seamlessly with your restaurant dishwasher.

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Drying Rack

To meet health codes on the cleaning of wares, a drying rack keeps water from pooling in items after they are washed. Units for trays, pots, and glasses.

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Sanitizing Sink Heater

A sanitizing sink heater raises water to the 180 degree F point required for proper sanitation as the last step in the warewashing process.

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Bus Cart

Make quick work of clearing tables with a bus cart. Choose from enclosed and open designs, and models with bin rails.

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Dish & Glass Rack Dolly

A dish rack cart makes it easy to safely store and transport racks full of dishes and glasses without compromising your serveware's sanitation.

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Flatware Soak System

Find everything you need to add a self-contained flatware soak system to your dishroom, from gridded flatware racks to soaking tubs.

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Tray Cart & Dispenser

A tray dispenser will help your staff keep serving trays, sheet pans, and more safely stored and easily accessible after they have been washed and dried.

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Time- and money-saving garbage disposals are available here, along with the parts you need to keep them running smoothly.

Whether you will be doing all your dishwashing by hand or just need a back-up option, find the dishwashing sinks and faucets you need here.

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