3-Compartment Sink

A 3-compartment sink can be used for washing dishes by hand as an alternative to an expensive dishmachine or in addition to a dishwasher for washing stubborn pots and pans. In a 3-bay sink, the first compartment is used for the initial rinse with hot water. The second compartment is used to wash dishes in a detergent solution, cutting grease and removing any remaining residue. Finally, wares are submerged in the third compartment into a sanitizing solution that kills remaining bacteria. The hot water generally used in that third step helps dishes dry quickly on the drainboard of your three-compartment sink or a separate drying rack. More

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3-compartment sinks are the most common option for commercial kitchens because they can be used as either a primary or backup means of washing dishes. The 3-sink method of dishwashing is accepted by most local health departments as the ideal way to wash dishes when a commercial warewasher is not available. In some cases, a 3-compartment sink may be required even if you also have a warewasher, so that you have a backup dishwashing method available if the warewasher is out of order

Common Questions About 3-Compartment Sinks

What is a 3-compartment sink used for?

3-compartment sinks are most commonly used for washing dishes. The 3-sink method is approved by most health departments as a safe method of washing dishes in a commercial setting where a commercial warewasher is not an option.

Do I need a drainboard on my 3-compartment sink?

In most cases, if you will be using your 3-compartment sink as a dishwashing sink, you will benefit from drainboards if you have room for them. A drainboard is a countertop-type extension that can be added to either side of a set of sinks. Most have raised edges to prevent water from puddling on the floor, and some are textured to facilitate draining. Consider where your dishtables and warewasher will be placed when choosing which sides of your sink should have a drainboard.

What is the 3-sink method?

The 3-sink method is a system for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing dishes approved by most health departments. The first sink is where the dishes are washed, the second is where they are rinsed, and the third is where they are sanitized.

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