Sinks, Faucets & Accessories

Sinks are used everyday in the food industry for cleaning, prepping food, and washing food. KaTom Restaurant Supply carries sinks with compartments that are ideal for larger restaurants as well as smaller commercial models. Does your business already have the sinks you need? We offer a vast selection of the water conserving faucets and faucet accessories you need to make your model more efficient.

Cocktail Units & Ice Bins

Cocktail units and ice bins are essential to maintaining your bar.

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Bar Sink

It doesn't matter if you're a high-volume restaurant or a hole-in-the-wall pub, we will have the bar sink for you.

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Mop Sink

A mop sink is great addition to your commercial business. These models allow you to dispose of dirty water easily, efficiently, and safety. Many different sizes...

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Hand Sink Accessories

Hand sink accessories such as strainers, stoppers, and basket drains are essential to any restaurant. We carry a wide variety of each to best fit your needs. Al...

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Drains & Drainboards

Buying a drainboard for your existing sink is a very good investment. They allow the water on freshly washed items such as produce to drain back into the sink w...

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Portable Sinks & Prep Carts

Portable sinks and prep carts are a good solution for catering an event where hand sinks are not readily available.

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Silver Soak Sink

Soaking silverware in a commercial sink can take up space otherwise used for washing or cooking. Buying a silver soak sink allows you to free up a sink for othe...

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If you own an establishment that serves food, it is required that you have a commercial hand sink. We offer dozens of different models, from drop-in units that...

If you are looking for a faucet or a repair kit, browse our large selection here at KaTom. We have dozens of types of new units or parts and kits for existing u...

The sink basin corners on these models have rounded, easy-to-clean edges, earning them NSF certification. If you're buying a unit where food may be prepared or...

A non-NSF compartment sink can be a good choice in an area where food will not be prepared. Unlike models that have been NSF certified due to their rounded sink...