Commercial & Restaurant Sinks

From the bar to the dishroom, commercial sinks and faucets play a vital role in your operations and the welfare of your guests and staff.

3-Compartment Sink

These 3-compartment sinks have a section each for washing, rinsing, and sanitizing. They're often required by code, even in kitchens with dishmachines.

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Hand Sink

Implement good sanitation practices and keep your health inspector happy with the right hand sink in your kitchen or employee lounge.

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Drop-In & Undermount Sink

Drop-in and undermount sinks convert existing work surfaces into handwashing or food prep stations. Choose from a number of designs and sizes to fit your needs....

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Commercial Bar Sink

Bar sinks tuck neatly underneath bars and countertops, making a discrete place to wash wares, hands, or to empty drinks.

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2-Compartment Sink

Choose a 2-compartment sink to thaw and prep food like meats and bagged sides, or to use as a vegetable sanitizing and prep station.

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Portable Sink & Soak Sink

KaTom's selection of portable hand washing stations will keep hands clean and meals safe no matter where your business takes you. Find your sink here.

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1-Compartment Sink

A 1-compartment sink can be used for everything from prepping produce to soaking pots and pans. Find one for your bar or scullery here.

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Mop Sink

Floor-mounted mop sinks give your janitorial staff a convenient place to rinse mops and empty buckets.

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Sanitizing Sink Heater

A sanitizing sink heater raises water to the 180 degree F point required for proper sanitation as the last step in the warewashing process.

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4-Compartment Sink

A 4 compartment sink can be your all-in-one warewashing station, where you can scrap, rinse, wash, and sanitize your dishes safely and efficiently.

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Time- and money-saving garbage disposals are available here, along with the parts you need to keep them running smoothly.

From pre-rinse units to glass fillers, find the commercial faucets you need for your establishment here.

This selection of kitchen sink parts and sink accessories includes stoppers, strainers, sink covers, splash guards, and more.

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