Utensil Cleaner & Soak Sink

KaTom carries a selection of soak sinks and utensil sanitizers to help you make the sanitization process quick and easy. You can add a sanitation station to your kitchen's wall or attach it to a food truck to ensure all of your equipment meets regulations. We also offer mobile soak sinks, so you can clean utensils wherever is most beneficial to your establishment, instead of requiring main sinks for all cleaning. Our range of options enables operators to add additional cleaning space or take their utensil sanitizers on the road for catering, food truck, and event management engagements. We'll go over the different types of equipment below and then answer some common questions. More

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Advance Tabco 9-FMS-12
Advance Tabco 9-FMS-12 34"H Portable Soak Sink w/ 12"D Bowl, Drain Connection

KaTom #: 009-9FMS12

$1,882.80 / Each
Advance Tabco 9-FMS-20
Advance Tabco 9-FMS-20 34"H Portable Soak Sink w/ 8"D Bowl, Drain Connection

KaTom #: 009-9FMS20

$1,718.55 / Each
Advance Tabco 9-FSC-20
Advance Tabco 9-FSC-20 20"H Portable Soak Sink w/ 8"D Bowl, Fits Dishwasher Baskets

KaTom #: 009-9FSC20X

$1,800.90 / Each
Advance Tabco 9-FSS-20
Advance Tabco 9-FSS-20 20"H Portable Soak Sink w/ 8"D Bowl, Drain Connection

KaTom #: 009-9FSS20X

$1,642.05 / Each
Advance Tabco 9-SS-1
Advance Tabco 9-SS-1 Removable Chute For Mobile & Silver Soak Sinks

KaTom #: 009-9SS1X

$198.45 / Each
Advance Tabco 9-SS-2
Advance Tabco 9-SS-2 4 Corner Bumpers For Mobile & Silver Soak Sinks

KaTom #: 009-9SS2X

$93.60 / Each
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Common Questions About Utensil Cleaners

How does a utensil sanitization kit work?

In commercial flatware sanitation, all equipment must be heated to 140 degrees Fahrenheit or soaked in designated chemical cleansers, such as chlorine. A silverware cleaner kit provides a container in which operators can soak their flatware and ensure they are cleaned according to FDA standards. The kits can be countertop-mounted, wall-mounted, or freestanding and will typically come with a case of sanitizer or cleanser when purchased. Many kits include the chlorine testing strips that may be required by regulatory bodies to ensure sanitizing water has a sufficient chlorine content for killing any potentially harmful bacteria. Operators will need to replenish their sanitizer supply to keep using the portable cleaning unit. These units provide a mobile, low-footprint place to clean utensils, which is vital for establishments that don't have a full-size kitchen available for cleaning. Food trucks, caterers, and healthcare establishments can make great use of an additional sanitization station, but even commercial kitchens may need the additional location if they are falling behind with their existing utensil cleaning process.

What is a mobile soak sink?

These are deep sinks on wheels that can be rolled anywhere an operator deems useful. That could mean providing additional space in a crowded kitchen, giving staff members a place to drop used utensils for sanitizing while other tasks are managed, or it could be in an institutional setting that needs more sinks to keep up with demand. Soak sinks clean utensils by exposing them to chemical cleansers long enough to kill all harmful microbes. Mobile sinks give you a place to leave utensils while they soak, and casters enable operators to move the sink out of the way and store it in the back until it's needed, which you can't do with a permanent sink. Consider adding a mobile sink if you need more room to clean utensils during busy periods but want to be able to free up space during lighter hours.

Do I need a mobile sink or utensil cleaner kit?

Both styles of utensil cleaners provide extra space for operators to clean utensils. Some options are intended to be mounted to a wall or countertop and provide a low-footprint cleaning, while others offer a portable sink in which flatware can be soaked in sanitary solutions when needed. Mobile units are great for establishments that need flexibility in the kitchen or out at events. Caterers can alleviate the need for disposable utensils if they provide utensil sanitation on site, which opens up the option to use elegant dinnerware. Wall- or countertop-mounted units work best in institutional settings, providing extra cleaning power wherever necessary.

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