1-Compartment Sink

A 1-compartment sink is often used to prep fruits and vegetables, where running water is necessary to wash produce and facilitate processing. A 1-compartment prep sink with a garbage disposal can quickly get rid of peels, rinds, and other refuse. Other times, these sinks are used to soak wares before being cleaned in a wash sink or dishmachine. Single-compartment sinks come in many sizes and designs. They're available with or without drainboards on one or both sides. More

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Advance Tabco 4-OP-18
Advance Tabco 4-OP-18 24" 1 Compartment Sink w/ 24"L x 21"W Bowl, 8" D...

KaTom #: 009-4OP18

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Advance Tabco FS-1-1818-18R
Advance Tabco FS-1-1818-18R 38.5" 1 Compartment Sink w/ 18"L x 18"W Bo...

KaTom #: 009-FS1181818R

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Advance Tabco FS-1-3024-24RL
Advance Tabco FS-1-3024-24RL 78" 1 Compartment Sink w/ 30"L x 24"W Bow...

KaTom #: 009-FS1302424RL

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Advance Tabco 93-41-24-24L
Advance Tabco 93-41-24-24L 54" 1 Compartment Sink w/ 24"L x 24"W Bowl,...

KaTom #: 009-93412424L

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Advance Tabco SLB-31C
Advance Tabco SLB-31C 36" 1 Compartment Sink w/ 10"L x 14"W Bowl, 10"...

KaTom #: 161-SLB31C

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Advance Tabco 94-1-24-18R
Advance Tabco 94-1-24-18R 40" 1 Compartment Sink w/ 16"L x 20"W Bowl,...

KaTom #: 009-9412418R

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Common Questions About 1-Compartment Sinks

What are 1-compartment sinks used for?

1-compartment sinks can be used as handwashing sinks, prep sinks for washing produce, and soak sinks for dishes. The size of the sink you need will depend on how you will be using it; for example, a soak sink will need to be larger than a handwashing sink. A handwashing sink may need side splashes, while a produce prep sink might benefit from a garbage disposal.

Do I need a drainboard on my 1-compartment sink?

A drainboard may be a good addition to your sink if you will be using it to soak dishes before washing. Sinks are available with drainboards on either side or both sides, so you can find the configuration that works best for your washroom's workflow.

Can I wash dishes in a 1-compartment sink?

While dishes can be pre-soaked in a 1-compartment sink, it would be very difficult to wash and sanitize dishes with only one compartment. Most health departments recommend the 3-Sink Method to wash, rinse, and sanitize dishes.

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