4-Compartment Sink

A 4-compartment sink is the largest of common divided sinks. Installing one of these can give you a place to scrap, wash, rinse, and sanitize dishes, covering all the steps generally required by health codes. A 4-bay sink or other compartment sink is required by FDA guidelines, even if you plan on using a dishwasher for all your wares. This is so you'll have that four-compartment sink as a backup plan in the event that your dishmachine becomes inoperable or if your volume of wares to be washed exceeds the capacity of your dishmachine. More

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Advance Tabco 4-4-48
Advance Tabco 4-4-48 48" 4 Compartment Sink w/ 12"L x 21"W Bowl, 14" D...

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Advance Tabco 94-44-96
Advance Tabco 94-44-96 113" 4 Compartment Sink w/ 24"L x 24"W Bowl, 14...

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Advance Tabco 4-4-72
Advance Tabco 4-4-72 72" 4 Compartment Sink w/ 18"L x 21"W Bowl, 14" D...

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Advance Tabco 94-44-96-24L
Advance Tabco 94-44-96-24L 133" 4 Compartment Sink w/ 24"L x 24"W Bowl...

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Advance Tabco 94-44-96-24R
Advance Tabco 94-44-96-24R 133" 4 Compartment Sink w/ 24"L x 24"W Bowl...

KaTom #: 009-94449624R

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While 3-compartment sinks are the industry standard when it comes to warewashing, investing in a 4-compartment sink can offer more room and flexibility. The extra sink can be used with a garbage disposal to scrap dishes or as a soak sink. Having a 4-compartment sink also ensures you have a backup if your warewashing machine requires service.

Commonly Asked Questions About 4-Compartment Sinks

How are 4-compartment sinks used?

4-compartment sinks are generally used for washing dishes. The 3-compartment method of washing dishes is approved by most health departments; with this method, there is one sink used for washing dishes, one for rinsing, and one for sanitizing. When you have a 4-compartment sink, the additional sink can be used for soaking or scrapping dishes.

Do 4-compartment sinks need drainboards?

Whether or not you need drainboards on your 4-compartment sink will depend on how you will use it. A drainboard can be a great area to place dishes before they are scrapped or soaked and can also provide a surface on the other end for dishes to dry. If you have the space for it, drainboards can be a great additional workspace, but if you will have worktables on one or both ends of your sink, they may not be necessary.

How many faucets do I need for a 4-compartment sink?

While one faucet can be made to span 3 sinks, there is no way to make one faucet reach four sinks. Therefore, each 4-compartment sink will require two faucets.

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