Pedal Valves

Pedal valves let users control the flow of water by pressing valves with their feet, providing a hands-free solution that's valued in venues as diverse as doctors' offices and busy kitchens. They have an advantage over other hands-free solutions in that they still allow users to mix their own hot and cold water, rather than relying on a pre-mixed temperature.

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Krowne 16-120L
Krowne 16-120L Low Lead Royal Series Foot Valve

KaTom #: 381-16120L

$77.37 / Each
Krowne 16-121L
Krowne 16-121L Low Lead Royal Series Knee Valve

KaTom #: 381-16121L

In Stock
$91.63 / Each
T&S B-0473
T&S B-0473 Wall Supprt for Knee Action Valve, Alum, 12" From Wall

KaTom #: 064-B0473

$193.73 / Each
T&S B-0475
T&S B-0475 Knee Action Valve, Heavy Duty Cam Acting Strip

KaTom #: 064-B0475

$311.96 / Each
T&S B-0475-LKS
T&S B-0475-LKS Knee Action Valve, Heavy Duty Cam Acting Strip

KaTom #: 064-B0475LKS

$416.35 / Each
T&S B-0502-LKS
T&S B-0502-LKS Double Pedal Valve w/ Straight Loose Key Stops

KaTom #: 064-B0502LKS

$254.43 / Each
T&S B-0502-SL
T&S B-0502-SL Double Pedal Valve, Floor Mounted, 2 1/2" Centers, Slow...

KaTom #: 064-B0502SL

$269.71 / Each
T&S B-0504
T&S B-0504 Double Pedal Valve, Wall Mounted, 1" From Wall

KaTom #: 064-B0504

$209.48 / Each
T&S B-0507
T&S B-0507 Single Pedal Valve, Floor Mounted, 1" Floor to Center

KaTom #: 064-B0507

$105.26 / Each
T&S B-0509
T&S B-0509 Double Knee Pedal Valve

KaTom #: 064-B0509

$144.68 / Each
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