Pre-Rinse Faucet

Pre-rinse units are an important part of warewashing procedures. Because each establishment has unique needs, there are a number of available solutions. Mini pre-rinse faucets are a popular and economical solution. Low-flow pre-rinse kitchen faucets can save water without sacrificing performance. These commercial sink sprayers are available with and without add-on faucets, convenient for filling sinks and pots.

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Krowne 17-202WL
Krowne 17-202WL Low Lead Pre-Rinse Assembly w/ 38" H & 14" Overhang

KaTom #: 381-17202WL

In Stock
$231.56 / Each
T&S 5PR-8W12-C
T&S 5PR-8W12-C Equip Prerinse, 8"Wall Mount Low Flow PRU, 12" Swing Nozzle

KaTom #: 064-5PR8W12C

In Stock
$221.66 / Each
T&S B-2338
T&S B-2338 Pre-Rinse Unit, Spray Valve & Faucet, No Cross Flow

KaTom #: 064-B2338

In Stock
$322.64 / Each
T&S B-0133-A12-B08C
T&S B-0133-A12-B08C Easy Install Low Flow Prerinse Unit w/ 12" Faucet 7 Bracket

KaTom #: 064-B0133A12B08C

$367.31 / Each
T&S MPZ-2DLN-06 Mini Prenise Unit, Single Hole, Lever Handle, 6" Faucet

KaTom #: 064-MPZ2DLN06

$325.55 / Each
T&S MPZ-8DLN-06 Mini Prerinse Unit, 8"Deck Mount, Lever Handle, 6" Faucet

KaTom #: 064-MPZ8DLN06

$373.37 / Each
T&S B-0143-01
T&S B-0143-01 Prerinse Unit For Base Faucet

KaTom #: 064-B014301

$181.10 / Each
T&S MPZ-8WLN-06 Mini Prerinse Unit, 8"Wall Mount, Lever Handle, 6" Faucet

KaTom #: 064-MPZ8WLN06

$341.56 / Each
T&S 5PR-8W00-C
T&S 5PR-8W00-C Equip Prerinse, 8"Wall Mount Low Flow PRU

KaTom #: 064-5PR8W00C

$191.55 / Each
T&S B-0133-A12-08
T&S B-0133-A12-08 Easy Install Prerinse Unit w/ 12" Faucet

KaTom #: 064-B0133A1208

$337.44 / Each
T&S B-0167
T&S B-0167 Spray Assembly, Wall Mounted Mixing Faucet, 5 ft Flex Hose

KaTom #: 064-B0167

$295.20 / Each
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