Commercial & Kitchen Faucets

From pre-rinse units to glass fillers, find the commercial faucets you need for your establishment here.

Pre-Rinse Faucet

Smooth warewashing procedures depend on having the right pre-rinse units. Find the one you need included low-flow and miniature units here.

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Manual Faucet

Commercial kitchen faucets take many forms. Choose the one you need from the deck-mounted and splash-mounted fixtures here.

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Touchless Faucet

Promote sanitation and convenience at your handwashing stations and restrooms with touchless faucets, available in several styles and finishes.

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Mop Sink Faucet

Equip your janitor closet for filling buckets and cleaning mops with a service sink faucet. Choose one with a pail hook for hanging buckets.

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Pot Filler

Make filling cumbersome cookware a breeze with these pot fillers, available as standalone fixtures or add-ons for your existing faucets.

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Glass Filler

Provide a convenient place to fill water glasses with these water stations and fillers. They make great additions to beverage stations and bars.

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Commercial Bathroom Faucet

An essential washroom fixture, commercial bathroom faucets come in a number of designs and styles to match the needs of your business.

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Metering Faucet

Conserve water in your kitchen and restrooms with metering faucets, available in push-button and lever designs.

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Add-on Faucet

Find an add-on faucet for your pre-rinse assembly here. We have units suitable for single and multi-compartment sinks.

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Specialty Faucets

Specialty faucets include laboratory faucets, water fountain faucets, and other hard-to find fixtures that you need to round out your infrastructure.

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Repair your out-of-commission faucet or invest in helpful add-ons with these faucet repair kits for your kitchen and restroom fixtures.

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