Faucet Handles

Replacement faucet handles come in a number of styles. Wrist blade handles can be operated without the hands, so they can help eliminate the risk of cross contamination and won't get hands dirty after they're washed. Low-profile lever handles work well for handwashing sinks with quarter-turn valves. Four-arm handles give users a good grip, and are ideal for multi-turn faucets and other fixtures.

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T&S 001637-45
T&S 001637-45 Lever Handle, Red Index (Hot)

KaTom #: 064-00163745

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$4.50 / Each
T&S BWH4C Wrist Action Handle, Cold

KaTom #: 064-BWH4C

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$18.99 / Each
T&S 001636-45
T&S 001636-45 Lever Handle, Blue Index (Cold)

KaTom #: 064-00163645

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$4.79 / Each
Krowne 21-311
Krowne 21-311 Wrist Blade Kit For Krowne Faucets

KaTom #: 381-21311

$49.20 / Each
T&S BWH4H Wrist Action Handle, Hot

KaTom #: 064-BWH4H

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$18.99 / Each
T&S 018L
T&S 018L Spindle, Hot

KaTom #: 064-018L

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$7.19 / Each
T&S 067L
T&S 067L Spindle, Cold

KaTom #: 064-067L

$7.19 / Each
Advance Tabco K-400
Advance Tabco K-400 Hands-Free Wand

KaTom #: 009-K400

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Advance Tabco K-101
Advance Tabco K-101 Splash Mount Faucet - 8" Swing Spout, 8" On-Center

KaTom #: 009-K1012X

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Advance Tabco K-112
Advance Tabco K-112 Faucet - Splash Mount, 12" Spout

KaTom #: 009-K1122X

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T&S 5-HDL-L Equip Kit, Lever Handle

KaTom #: 064-5HDLL

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$3.02 / Each
T&S 5-HDL-W Equip Kit, Wrist Action hanlde

KaTom #: 064-5HDLW

$10.44 / Each
Advance Tabco K-170
Advance Tabco K-170 Eye Wash Attachment

KaTom #: 009-K170

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Advance Tabco 7-PS-39
Advance Tabco 7-PS-39 Foot Pedal Assembly - Floor Bracket

KaTom #: 009-7PS39

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Advance Tabco K-316-LU
Advance Tabco K-316-LU Wrist Handle Only, for Splash Mount Sinks

KaTom #: 009-K316LUX

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T&S 5SV-WH Equip Spray Valve, w Handle & Ring

KaTom #: 064-5SVWH

$43.62 / Each
Advance Tabco K-416-LU
Advance Tabco K-416-LU Wrist Handle, Heavy Duty Only, for Splash Mount...

KaTom #: 009-K416LU

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Advance Tabco K-67
Advance Tabco K-67 Replacement Lever Drain for Hand Sinks, No Overflow

KaTom #: 009-K67

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