Pot/Kettle Fillers & Faucets

It can be difficult to fill a pot or kettle with an ordinary faucet. A pot or kettle filler and faucet is a good solution to this problem. These models are able to fill a pot or kettle while it sits on the counter or stove. They can do this through either multiple joints—allowing the faucet to swing—or through a flexible hose. We have dozens of different units to best fill your pot or kettle.

Pot/Kettle Filler

Pot or kettle fillers are designed to be taller than normal faucets or to use as a flexible hose to make filling large cooking and stock pots easier. Faucets at...

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Workboard Faucet

Workboard faucets are perfect for any heavy duty sink. Deck or wall mounted, some may include spray hoses, for the flexibility to handle additional tasks. Some...

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Wok-Wand Faucet

Add an extra-long wok wand faucet to your range to get that extra reach needed to cook or clean your woks. . Available in a variety of lengths, some have wrist...

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