Faucet Parts

Simple faucet parts like valve stems and spindles are easy to replace, and they may be the only fix your leaky faucet needs to be as good as new. You'll also find other common kitchen faucet parts, like dispenser levers - components that see the most wear and tear and occasionally need to be replaced.

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T&S 001022-45
T&S 001022-45 Bottom Gasket for Eterna Cartridge

KaTom #: 064-00102245

$24.00 / Pack of 25
T&S B-21K
T&S B-21K Externa Cartridge Kit

KaTom #: 064-B21K

$9.12 / Each
T&S B-0103
T&S B-0103 Rose Spray, 3/8" IPS male thread, Metal

KaTom #: 064-B0103

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$15.99 / Each
T&S B-11K
T&S B-11K Externa Cartridge Spindle Kit

KaTom #: 064-B11K

$11.89 / Each
T&S 5HR-2HSE-35
T&S 5HR-2HSE-35 Equip A Reels, 35 ft Hose ASM

KaTom #: 064-5HR2HSE35

$101.05 / Each
T&S 5HR-2SA Equip Open Reels, Swivel ASM

KaTom #: 064-5HR2SA

$92.94 / Each
T&S 001098-45
T&S 001098-45 Packing for Eterna Cartridge

KaTom #: 064-00109845

$2.12 / Each
T&S B-2339-LR
T&S B-2339-LR Hose Reel Control Cabinet

KaTom #: 064-B2339LR

$1,114.85 / Each
T&S B-0965
T&S B-0965 Vented vacuum Breaker, 3/4" NPT

KaTom #: 064-B0965

$89.99 / Each
T&S B-GH Garden Hose Outlet, Male Thread

KaTom #: 064-BGH

$12.25 / Each
T&S 0RK1
T&S 0RK1 Mixing Control Valve, Loose Key Handles

KaTom #: 064-0RK1

$115.96 / Each
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