Add-On Faucets

Upgrade your scrap sink with a pre-rinse add-on faucet so you can fill your sink to soak and rinse wares efficiently. These are available with nozzles between 6- and 18-inches long to accommodate the sink you're using them with. They're also available without included nozzles, allowing you to customize your sink. More

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Krowne 21-139L
Krowne 21-139L Faucet for Pre-Rinse - 12" Spout

KaTom #: 381-21139L

In Stock
$64.50 / Each
Krowne 21-140L
Krowne 21-140L Faucet for Pre-Rinse - 14" Spout, Low Lead

KaTom #: 381-21140L

In Stock
$59.48 / Each
T&S B-0155-LN
T&S B-0155-LN Add-on-Faucet, Less Nozzle, For Pre-Rinse Units

KaTom #: 064-B0155LN

$49.89 / Each
Krowne 21-149L
Krowne 21-149L Faucet for Pre-Rinse - 8" Spout, Low Lead

KaTom #: 381-21149L

In Stock
$56.44 / Each
T&S B-0155
T&S B-0155 Add-On Faucet for Pre-Rinse Units, 6" Nozzle, 3" Nipple

KaTom #: 064-B0155

$65.79 / Each
T&S B-0155-01LN
T&S B-0155-01LN Add-On Faucet for Pre-Rinse Units, NO Nozzle, 3" Nippl...

KaTom #: 064-B015501LN

$56.27 / Each
T&S B-0155-05LN
T&S B-0155-05LN Add-On Faucet, Less Nozzle, 5" Nipple for Prerinse Uni...

KaTom #: 064-B015505LN

$52.62 / Each
T&S B-0155-CR
T&S B-0155-CR Add-On Faucet, 6" Nozzle, 3" Nipple for Prerinse units

KaTom #: 064-B0155CR

$65.79 / Each
T&S B0156
T&S B0156 Add-On Faucet for Pre-Rinse Units, 12" Nozzle, 3" Nipple

KaTom #: 064-B0156

$71.29 / Each
T&S B-0156-05
T&S B-0156-05 Add-On Faucet, 12 Nozzle, 5" Nipple for Prerinse units

KaTom #: 064-B015605

$70.17 / Each
T&S B-0157
T&S B-0157 Prerinse Add-On Faucet w/ 18" Nozzle

KaTom #: 064-B0157

$73.80 / Each
Krowne 21-138L
Krowne 21-138L Faucet for Pre-Rinse - 6" Spout, Low Lead

KaTom #: 381-21138L

In Stock
$54.56 / Each
Krowne 21-141L
Krowne 21-141L Faucet for Pre-Rinse - 16" Spout, Low Lead

KaTom #: 381-21141L

In Stock
$60.72 / Each
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Installing an add-on faucet to your pre-rinse setup enables you to quickly and efficiently fill the sink and can also help in rinsing dishes. These can be as short as 6 inches and as long as 18 inches, allowing you to use them for as many as three sink bowls at once. Many add-on faucets are included in a set that includes the pre-rinse unit.

Commonly Asked Questions About Add-on Faucets

How long does my add-on faucet need to be?

The length of the faucet you'll need will depend on the size of the sink and the number of sink compartments you need it to reach. The faucet should be short enough that it doesn't overhang the front lip of the sink, but where multiple sinks are being used, long enough that it can swivel to fill each sink compartment.

How do I install an add-on faucet?

Using an adjustable wrench, unscrew the pre-rinse unit's riser from the base faucet body. Wrap Teflon tape around the threads of each part that will be inserted into another – the bottom of the add-on sink and the bottom of the pre-rinse faucet riser. Place the add-on faucet into the faucet body and tighten. Position the riser into the top opening of the add-on faucet and use the wrench to tighten. Turn the water on to check for any leaks.

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