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A commercial tea brewer is a must-have for any restaurant, diner, or other eatery that wants to serve up refreshing iced tea. Choosing a dispenser that will create the perfect glass of tea is a decision that should be considered carefully. Good tea can be the deciding factor for a customer either frequenting your restaurant or not. More

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Tea is the number one beverage in the world, so a commercial tea brewer is an important piece of equipment. With so many people drinking iced, sweet, and hot tea every day, it's important to choose the right brewer to provide your customers with the libation they crave. With a number of brewers available with a variety of options, satisfying that craving will be simple.

Automatic or Pour Over

The tea maker you choose will come in one of two types: automatic or pour-over. A pour-over brewer requires a person to add water to the machine every time a new batch is made. An automatic brewer is connected directly to the water supply to fill with water by itself. While this will cut down on labor, automatic machines tend to cost more initially and need to be professionally connected to a water supply.

Single or Twin Brewers

A commercial iced tea maker with a single brewer will serve smaller establishments well. If your tea-serving volume is high, however, you may opt for a unit with twins brewers. This will allow you to brew two batches of tea at the same time, which is especially helpful when you want to brew two varieties, such as sweet and unsweet.


The brewing capacity of these commercial tea brewers can vary quite a bit, so you'll want to be sure to choose the one that will serve your customers efficiently without producing a lot of waste. For lower volume establishments, a machine that brews 4-1/2 to 16 gallons will probably suffice, but if you'll be serving tea in large volumes, you may want one that brews 20 to 36 gallons of tea per hour.

Brewer Dispensers

Some commercial tea brewers come with dispensers that will allow tea to brew directly into them. These dispensers will have brew-through lids, making them extremely convenient. Brewers that have this function use dispensers that come with the unit, but some can be used with any brand that will fit in the space provided. This capability could result in saved counter space because you won't need two separate pieces of equipment.

Specialty Features

Cold brew lock-out feature will prevent beverages from brewing before the water is hot enough for a sufficient steep. Many commercial tea brewers have digital controls, allowing more precise control over the brewing process. Many offer a hot water faucet for use in hot cereals and other hot drinks. Most will also have an energy-saver function that automatically shuts off or reduces temperature when not in use. Some will also brew directly into portable dispensers, making them useful if you have working dispensers and just need a brewer. Many will also have handles, making them easy to move and clean.

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