Food Storage Labels

A food container label can be used to help your kitchen staff identify which ingredients are being stored in the bins and containers. To ensure that ingredients are used at their peak freshness, food storage labels also keep your kitchen staff informed of an ingredient's Use By date. Local food codes usually require that every item you store be labeled appropriately, so food container labels can help achieve your goal of getting a perfect health score.

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Tablecraft CN486
Tablecraft CN486 Ranch Name Tag - (N48)

KaTom #: 229-CN486

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$1.86 / Each
Service Ideas MFTB
Service Ideas MFTB Oval Magnetic Flavor Tag, Blank

KaTom #: 482-MFTB

$8.60 / Case of 6
Service Ideas MFTHW
Service Ideas MFTHW Oval Magnetic Flavor Tag, Hot Water

KaTom #: 482-MFTHW

$8.60 / Case of 6
Service Ideas MT1DE
Service Ideas MT1DE ID Magnet Tag, 1.25 x 3.5", Decaf

KaTom #: 482-MT1DE

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$8.60 / Case of 6
Tablecraft CN481
Tablecraft CN481 Bleu Cheese Name Tag - (N48)

KaTom #: 229-CN481

$1.86 / Each
Tablecraft CN484
Tablecraft CN484 Italian Name Tag - (N48)

KaTom #: 229-CN484

$1.86 / Each
Tablecraft CN488
Tablecraft CN488 1000 Island Name Tag - (N48)

KaTom #: 229-CN488

$1.86 / Each
Service Ideas FBHALF&HALF
Service Ideas FBHALF&HALF Non-Toxic Rubber Label-Half & Half


$8.60 / Case of 6
Service Ideas FBSKIM
Service Ideas FBSKIM Non-Toxic Rubber Label-Skim

KaTom #: 482-FBSKIM

$8.60 / Case of 6
Service Ideas MFTCOF
Service Ideas MFTCOF Oval Magnetic Flavor Tag, Coffee

KaTom #: 482-MFTCOF

$8.60 / Case of 6
Service Ideas MFTDEC
Service Ideas MFTDEC Oval Magnetic Flavor Tag, Decaf

KaTom #: 482-MFTDEC

$8.60 / Case of 6
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