Countertop Buffet Equipment

Countertop buffet equipment, such as soup warmers and carving stations, gives you flexibility while focusing on food safety in buffets and serving lines.

Soup Warmer

Soup warmers are available for merchandising to customers or for use in the kitchen. Some of these warming containers have hinged lids.

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Induction Buffet Warmer

Induction buffet warmers make use of induction-ready pots and pans to make serving evenly-heated foods simple. Shop KaTom's selection of induction warmers here.

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Countertop Food Warmer

Here you'll find a round countertop food warmer for sauces, soups, and gravies or a rectangular warmers designed to hold food pans.

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Buffet Warmer

Using a countertop buffet warmer allows you to serve warm food at safe temperatures while retaining the flexibility to rearrange your setup as needed.

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Warming Shelf

Decorative and utilitarian warming shelves use heat from elements and heat lamps to keep dishes at safe temperatures for hours.

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Carving Station

Whether they're used in the back or front of the house, carving stations provide a dedicated space for slicing large cuts of meat.

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Prefect for holding and serving food, a chafer is an essential item of equipment for catering, buffets, and more.

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