Colanders are useful for draining everything from pasta to greens. Traditional colanders have two handles and a base so they can rest securely in a sink while contents drain. Chinese colanders have no handles and no base. The latter can drain foods quickly and are sometimes used with a stock pot to steam dishes like dumplings.

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Update COL-80
Update COL-80 8-qt Colander - Stainless

KaTom #: 370-COL80

In Stock
$5.16 / Each
Winco ALO-16
Winco ALO-16 16-qt Aluminum Chinese Colander

KaTom #: 080-ALO16

In Stock
$12.19 / Each
Winco ALO-16BH
Winco ALO-16BH 16-qt Aluminum Colander w/ Handles

KaTom #: 080-ALO16BH

In Stock
$20.28 / Each
Update AVC-13
Update AVC-13 13" Vegetable Container - Aluminum

KaTom #: 370-AVC13

In Stock
$26.66 / Each
Vollrath 4605
Vollrath 4605 5-qt Aluminum Spaghetti Strainer

KaTom #: 175-4605

$36.16 / Each
Update AVC-20
Update AVC-20 20" Vegetable Container - Aluminum

KaTom #: 370-AVC20

$56.86 / Each
Vollrath 68350
Vollrath 68350 16-qt Colander - Aluminum

KaTom #: 175-68350

$88.99 / Each
Winco ALO-11BH
Winco ALO-11BH 11-qt Aluminum Colander w/ Handles

KaTom #: 080-ALO11BH

In Stock
$15.91 / Each
Winco ALO-8BH
Winco ALO-8BH 8-qt Aluminum Colander w/ Base

KaTom #: 080-ALO8BH

In Stock
$11.35 / Each
Update COL-50
Update COL-50 5-qt Colander - Stainless

KaTom #: 370-COL50

In Stock
$4.10 / Each
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