Meat Processing Equipment Parts

Whether you grind your own meat for fresh hamburgers or want to add handmade sausage to the menu, you'll find the meat processing equipment parts you need to maintain and expand your equipment here. These accessories include the grinder plates for extruding ground meat with the correct texture as well as grinder knives for efficiently processing each batch of product. Grinder hub attachments will outfit your existing equipment to handle meat processing jobs. Sausage stuffer parts give you the tools you need to create your own in-house artisan sausages.

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Hobart 12KNF-STA/SH
Hobart 12KNF-STA/SH No. 12 Stay Sharp Knife

KaTom #: 617-12KNFSTASH

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$16.94 / Each
Intedge 12H-1/4
Intedge 12H-1/4 Meat Chopper Plate, 1/4"

KaTom #: 176-12H14

$24.86 / Each
Hobart 22KNF-STA/SH
Hobart 22KNF-STA/SH No. 22 Stay Sharp Knife

KaTom #: 617-22KNFSTASH

$24.64 / Each
Hobart 46PAN-SSTR/H
Hobart 46PAN-SSTR/H Right To Left Feed Pan Stainless

KaTom #: 617-46PANSSTRH

$1,617.00 / Each
Hobart 46PAN-TINR/H
Hobart 46PAN-TINR/H Right To Left Feed Pan Tinned Steel

KaTom #: 617-46PANTINRH

$1,389.85 / Each
Globe XSP12
Globe XSP12 Shredder Plate, 1/2" (12.7 mm)

KaTom #: 605-XSP12

$66.00 / Each
Globe XSP316
Globe XSP316 Shredder Plate, 3/16"(4.7 mm)

KaTom #: 605-XSP316

$66.00 / Each
Globe XSP516
Globe XSP516 Shredder Plate, 5/16"(7.9 mm)

KaTom #: 605-XSP516

$66.00 / Each
Globe XST12
Globe XST12 Stuffing Tube, 1/2 in, Sheep

KaTom #: 605-XST12

$52.50 / Each
Globe CC2237
Globe CC2237 Stuffing Tube

KaTom #: 605-CC2237

$32.00 / Each
Globe CK-12
Globe CK-12 Chopper Knife, for CC12

KaTom #: 605-CK12

$46.50 / Each
Globe CK-22
Globe CK-22 Chopper Knife, for CC22

KaTom #: 605-CK22

$78.00 / Each
Globe CP00-12
Globe CP00-12 Stuffing Plate, (0 mm)

KaTom #: 605-CP0012

$64.50 / Each
Globe CP02-12
Globe CP02-12 Chopper Plate, 1/16"(2 mm)

KaTom #: 605-CP0212

$64.50 / Each
Globe CP04-12
Globe CP04-12 Chopper Plate, 5/32 (4 mm)

KaTom #: 605-CP0412

$64.50 / Each
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