Commercial Immersion Blender Parts

Get the most from your critical prep tool with these commercial hand blender parts. Replacement blades will keep your blender creating smooth and consistent results from batch to batch. Accessories include replacement blender shafts in many sizes that can be swapped out to accommodate different dishes and various cooking vessels. Other professional hand mixer accessories include whipping paddles for beating high volumes of eggs and whipping fluffy ingredients like whipped cream and meringues.

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Waring CAC104
Waring CAC104 Big Stik Coupling Replacement Kit

KaTom #: 141-CAC104

In Stock
$31.62 / Each
Waring WSBBC
Waring WSBBC Immersion Blender Bowl Clamp for Stock Pots & Big Stix

KaTom #: 141-WSBBC

$72.82 / Each
Univex CYCLONE14S 14" Interchangeable Shaft for Cyclone Hand Mixers

KaTom #: 071-CYCLONE14S

$157.20 / Each
Waring WSB01
Waring WSB01 Big Stix Wall Hanger for WSBPP, WSB50, WSB60, WSB01

KaTom #: 141-WSB01

In Stock
$15.91 / Each
Waring WSB2W
Waring WSB2W 10" Whisk Attachment for WSBPP, WSB50, WSB55 and More

KaTom #: 141-WSB2W

Ships Free
$228.67 / Each
Waring WSBWP
Waring WSBWP (2) 10" Whipping Paddles for WSBPPW & WSB2W, Stainless

KaTom #: 141-WSBWP

In Stock
$85.95 / Each
Univex VORTEX18S
Univex VORTEX18S 18" Interchangeable Shaft for Vortex Hand Mixers

KaTom #: 071-VORTEX18S

$276.00 / Each
Dynamic AC510
Dynamic AC510 Graduated Cup & Cover, 40 oz

KaTom #: 048-AC510

In Stock
$28.00 / Each
Waring WSBPP
Waring WSBPP Big Stix Power Pack for WSB50 & Others

KaTom #: 141-WSBPP

Ships Free
In Stock
$321.93 / Each
Waring CAC112
Waring CAC112 Propeller Agitator

KaTom #: 141-CAC112

$14.13 / Each
Waring WSB38XBP
Waring WSB38XBP Battery Pack for Bolt™ Immersion Blender

KaTom #: 141-WSB38XBP

$66.85 / Each
Waring WSB38XSC
Waring WSB38XSC Storage/Carrying Case for Bolt™ Immersion Blender

KaTom #: 141-WSB38XSC

$33.43 / Each
Waring WSB38XST
Waring WSB38XST 7" Shaft for Bolt™ Immersion Blender, Stainless Steel

KaTom #: 141-WSB38XST

$45.96 / Each
Robot Coupe 39355
Robot Coupe 39355 Complete Shaft Assembly

KaTom #: 126-39355

(You can remove it at any time)
Univex CYCLONE10S 10" Interchangeable Shaft for Cyclone Hand Mixers

KaTom #: 071-CYCLONE10S

$147.60 / Each
Univex CYCLONEWA Whisk Attachment for Cyclone Hand Mixers

KaTom #: 071-CYCLONEWA

$320.40 / Each
Univex VORTEX14S
Univex VORTEX14S 14" Interchangeable Shaft for Vortex Hand Mixers

KaTom #: 071-VORTEX14S

$268.80 / Each
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