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Potatoes are amazingly versatile, but their most popular form in America is the french fry. Burger places are judged based on their fries as much as their hamburgers, and anywhere that makes a good fry is going have customers. Variations on the theme include potato wedges, ribbon fries, and waffle fries—all of which have their own strengths. Here you'll find KaTom's selection of potato cutters, potato slicers, and garnish slicers, along with the answers to some common questions. More

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Winco FFC-375
Winco FFC-375 French Fry Cutter, 3/8" Square Cuts

KaTom #: 080-FFC375

In Stock
$46.43 / Each
Nemco 55050AN-R
Nemco 55050AN-R Ribbon Fry Cutter w/ Fine Cut

KaTom #: 128-N55050ANR

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$264.55 / Each
Nemco 55450-2
Nemco 55450-2 Food Cutter w/ .38" Cut, Short Throw Handle & Wall O...

KaTom #: 128-N554502

Ships Free
$264.00 / Each
Winco HFC-375
Winco HFC-375 French Fry Cutter - 3/8" Cut, Stainless

KaTom #: 080-HFC375

$111.19 / Each
Vollrath 47703
Vollrath 47703 8 Cut Wedge-Cut Potato Cutter - Nickel-Plated Cast Iron

KaTom #: 175-47703

In Stock

Vollrath 47713
Vollrath 47713 3/8" Cut Potato Cutter - Nickel-Plated Cast Iron

KaTom #: 175-47713

In Stock

Vollrath 47714
Vollrath 47714 7/16" Cut Potato Cutter - Nickel-Plated Cast Iron

KaTom #: 175-47714

In Stock

Nemco 55150B-C
Nemco 55150B-C Spiral Potato Cutter w/ Interchangeable Blade Assembly...

KaTom #: 128-55150BC

Ships Free
In Stock
$1,009.80 / Each
Update FFC-25
Update FFC-25 French Fry Cutter - 1/4" Square Cut

KaTom #: 370-FFC25

$52.92 / Each
Nemco 55050AN
Nemco 55050AN Manual Potato Cutter w/ Preset Drive Depth & Easy Ac...

KaTom #: 128-N55050AN

Ships Free
$264.55 / Each
Nemco 55050AN-G
Nemco 55050AN-G Manual Fine Cut Garnish Cutter w/ Preset Drive Depth &...

KaTom #: 128-N55050ANG

Ships Free
$315.15 / Each
Nemco 55050AN-WR
Nemco 55050AN-WR Manual Wavy Ribbon Fry Cutter w/ Preset Drive Depth &...

KaTom #: 128-N55050ANWR

Ships Free
$287.10 / Each
Nemco 55150B-CT
Nemco 55150B-CT Table Mount Straight Fry Chip Cutter w/ Interchangeab...

KaTom #: 128-N55150BCT

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In Stock
$1,048.85 / Each
Nemco 55450-1
Nemco 55450-1 Food Cutter w/ .25" Cut, Short Throw Handle & Wall O...

KaTom #: 128-N554501

Ships Free
$264.00 / Each
Nemco 55450-3
Nemco 55450-3 Food Cutter w/ .50" Cut, Short Throw Handle & Wall O...

KaTom #: 128-N554503

Ships Free
$264.00 / Each
Winco FFC-250
Winco FFC-250 French Fry Cutter, 1/4" Square Cuts

KaTom #: 080-FFC250

$57.35 / Each
Vollrath 47715
Vollrath 47715 9/32" Cut Potato Cutter - Nickel-Plated Cast Iron

KaTom #: 175-47715

In Stock

Nemco 55050AN-CT
Nemco 55050AN-CT Manual Spiral Fry Chip Twister Kutter w/ Preset Drive...

KaTom #: 128-55050ANCT

Ships Free
$264.55 / Each
Nemco 55050AN-WCT
Nemco 55050AN-WCT Manual Spiral Fry Chip Twister Kutter w/ Preset Driv...

KaTom #: 128-55050ANWCT

Ships Free
$264.55 / Each
Winco FFC-500
Winco FFC-500 French Fry Cutter, 1/2" Square Cuts

KaTom #: 080-FFC500

$57.35 / Each
Nemco 55150B-G
Nemco 55150B-G Fine Garnish Cutter w/ Interchangeable Assembly & E...

KaTom #: 128-55150BG

Ships Free
In Stock
$1,009.80 / Each
Nemco 55150B-R
Nemco 55150B-R Fine Ribbon Potato Cutter w/ Interchangeable Blade Asse...

KaTom #: 128-55150BR

Ships Free
In Stock
$1,009.80 / Each
Nemco 55150B-WR
Nemco 55150B-WR Wavy Ribbon Fry Potato Cutter w/ Interchangeable Blade...

KaTom #: 128-55150BWR

Ships Free
In Stock
$1,048.85 / Each
Update FFC-38
Update FFC-38 French Fry Cutter - 3/8" Square Cut

KaTom #: 370-FFC38

In Stock
$53.03 / Each
Update FFC-50
Update FFC-50 French Fry Cutter - 1/2" Square Cut

KaTom #: 370-FFC50

$52.93 / Each
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Common Questions About Potato Slicers

How do french fry cutters work?

Most of our potato cutters are manually powered units that cut one potato at a time. They function by either pushing the potato down onto a fixed set of blades or pushing the blades onto the potato. The shape of the blades determines the shape of the cut potato or garnish pieces. Some models of potato cutter can be mounted to a countertop or other stable surface to prevent slipping. Cutters are designed to provide significant leverage, so you typically won't need excessive arm strength to get a potato through the blades.

Why do I need a machine to cut french fries?

While you might want to offer your guests authentic, hand-cut french fries, it is difficult to serve a full lunch rush that way. A commercial french fry cutting machine greatly decreases the time it takes to prepare a batch of potatoes by reducing the total number of cuts and the arm strength needed to slice them. In addition to making your chef's job less strenuous, the machine will produce uniform pieces that cook evenly and will ensure your customer gets a perfect french fry every time they order.

What else can I cut with these slicers?

Some of our cutters are listed as garnish cutters, but they all work the same way. Garnish cutters offer interchangeable blade assemblies so that you can adjust the end cut to meet whatever application you need. Thin slices of whatever garnish you choose give your dishes a distinct visual element that breaks up the ordinary flow of a meal.

What potato cutter shapes are available?

We offer a variety of potato cutting machines, but the four main shapes they produce are wedges, spirals, ribbons, and straight fries. Wedge cutters produce thicker pieces of potato that have a meaty feel, and ribbon- or spiral-cut potatoes have a distinct look that intrigues guests. Then there is the straight (or square) french fry cutter, which is the most common and most popular version. Some garnish cutters can make fine cuts that produce different, distinct looks. Consider what type of french fry, potato wedge, or garnish you'll be offering and choose the machine that meets your needs.

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