Lettuce Shredder

Lettuce shredders make quick work of processing lettuce for salads and garnishes. The largest ones can process a whole head of iceberg lettuce with one press, while others can handle a half or a quarter of a head at once. Many lettuce shredders include interchangeable grids for a customized texture, and some can even process other foods like cantaloupe, onions, and even grilled chicken.

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Vollrath 485
Vollrath 485 1/4" Lettuce Cutter Blade Assembly

KaTom #: 175-485

Vollrath 484C
Vollrath 484C 3/8" Lettuce Cutter Blade Assembly

KaTom #: 175-484C

In Stock

Vollrath 400N
Vollrath 400N 3/16" Lettuce Cutter

KaTom #: 175-400N

In Stock

Vollrath 401N
Vollrath 401N 3/4" Lettuce Cutter

KaTom #: 175-401N

In Stock

Vollrath 402NC
Vollrath 402NC 3/8" Lettuce Cutter

KaTom #: 175-402NC

In Stock

Vollrath 403N
Vollrath 403N 1/4" Lettuce Cutter

KaTom #: 175-403N

In Stock

Vollrath 4400N
Vollrath 4400N 1" Lettuce Cutter

KaTom #: 175-4400N

In Stock

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