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For every chef that needs to see the process from beginning to end, wants to make sure every detail is done right, and aims to save money by preparing cuts of meat themselves, there is a tool to help. KaTom offers a variety of meat grinders, meat choppers, tenderizers, and bone saws so you can control the process from your own kitchen. We also answer some common questions about the equipment below. More

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Vollrath 40746
Vollrath 40746 #12 Grinder Knife

KaTom #: 175-40746

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Univex MG89
Univex MG89 Bench Style Meat Grinder w/ 12 lbs Capacity/Minute & Poly V Belt System

KaTom #: 071-MG89

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Call us for pricing $1,520.40 / Each
Vollrath 40747
Vollrath 40747 1/8" Grinder Plate #12

KaTom #: 175-40747

Vollrath 40748
Vollrath 40748 5/16" Grinder Plate #12

KaTom #: 175-40748

Globe CM12
Globe CM12 Meat Chopper w/ #12 Head Size & 250 lbs Meat/hr, 115v

KaTom #: 605-CM12

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Call us for pricing $715.00 / Each
Hobart 12TIN-C/EPAN
Hobart 12TIN-C/EPAN 12 Tinned Meat Grinder Chopper Attachment w/ 12" Ch Diameter Round Pan

KaTom #: 617-12TINCEPAN

Call us for pricing $822.36 / Each
Vollrath 40749
Vollrath 40749 1/2" Grinder Plate #12

KaTom #: 175-40749

Vollrath 40786
Vollrath 40786 Meat Grinder Attachment - #12 Hub, 1/8" & 5/16" Grinder Plates, Fits Floor Mixers

KaTom #: 175-40786

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Hobart 6614-1
Hobart 6614-1 Meat Saw - 14" Pulleys, 3500 fpm, Direct Gear, Vertical Blade

KaTom #: 617-66141

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Univex 1000510
Univex 1000510 Plate, 1/4 in, Fits # 12 Meat & Food Grinder

KaTom #: 071-1000510

$40.80 / Each
Hobart MG1532-1
Hobart MG1532-1 Prime Meat Grinder w/ 150 lb Capacity, 7.5 Hp Grind Motor 1 Hp Mix Motor 208/3 V

KaTom #: 617-MG15321

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Call us for pricing $18,210.50 / Each
Univex 1000728
Univex 1000728 Plate, 1/4", Fits # 22 Meat & Food Grinder

KaTom #: 071-1000728

$49.20 / Each
Hobart MG2032-1
Hobart MG2032-1 Prime Meat Grinder w/ 200 lb Capacity, 7.5 Hp Grind Motor 1 Hp Mix Motor 208/3 V

KaTom #: 617-MG20321

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Skyfood 7V
Skyfood 7V Vertical Sausage Stuffer w/ 15 lb Capacity, Stainless

KaTom #: 248-7V

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$282.24 / Each
Hobart F101-1
Hobart F101-1 Ground Beef Portable Fat Percentage Measuring Kit 115/1 V

KaTom #: 617-F1011

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Call us for pricing $2,221.45 / Each
Doyon SM100HV
Doyon SM100HV Meat Grinder Attachment For BTF & SM Mixers w/ Hub

KaTom #: 013-SM100HV

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$443.85 / Each
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Common Questions About Meat Processing Equipment

What types of meat processing equipment are there?

The biggest pieces of meat processing equipment are meat grinders, meat choppers, meat slicers, and meat or bone saws. Commercial meat grinders and meat choppers take cuts of meat and grind them down into an appropriate texture to make sausage or similar products. Most units of either can be equipped with different grades of blade to create different textures. Meat tenderizers soften up cuts of meat to improve the texture. Meat slicers produce thin slices of meat, typically used in sandwiches. The largest pieces of meat processing equipment are meat and bone saws, which are used for breaking down large cuts into workable sizes or for cutting an entire carcass into separate components.

What sort of safety precautions come on meat saws and grinders?

The different models of meat saws and grinders come with different safety precautions. Usually, the more powerful the equipment is, the more safety precautions are included. Check the product description for the specifics of each piece. Overload protection is both a safety and convenience feature, as the machine will stop if it feels too large or too dense of an object in the grinding area. Meat or bone saws with open blades should have a blade guard to help prevent slips or careless movement, and most also come with an emergency shutoff button that will immediately cease all blade movement. However, none of these features can provide complete protection - these machines are designed to slice through flesh and bone and must be operated with proper care.

What should I look for in meat processors?

Consider how much meat you'll be cutting, grinding, or slicing in any given day of operation. Commercial meat grinders and processors are rated by pounds of meat they can process per hour, so you need to make sure the unit you want can keep up with your demand. Other types of meat processing equipment, such as meat saws, are rated by horsepower. You will also need to consider the amount of floor or counter space you have available for new equipment. Powering the electrical equipment can also be an issue – some of the more powerful machines will need more power than a standard outlet will give. Talk with your maintenance people before ordering a machine that requires special power and ensure you'll be able to put it where you want. If you're looking for a deli slicer, check out our buyer's guide.

Are all sausage attachments the same size?

Most grinders/choppers will have adjustable output size. There are also options to change the coarseness of the grind, which affects the end meat texture. Consider how many options you would like to offer your customers when shopping for a grinder.

How can I check the fat content of ground meat?

KaTom sells a ground beef fat percentage measuring kit, which you can use to ensure your finished product is at the desired ratio. This is especially useful if you're getting a new system set up, so you can figure out how to get your equipment to put out the ideal result. If your customers are health-conscious, you can promise and deliver healthier options with this kit.

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