Steam Kettle

Perfect for high-volume foodservice needs, a large capacity kettle will allow you to produce massive quantities of soups, stews, chili, and more.

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Cleveland KET-12-T 2083
Cleveland KET-12-T 2083 12-Gallon Tabletop Tilting Kettle w/ Open 3-Le...

KaTom #: 109-KET12T2083

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Cleveland KET-6-T
Cleveland KET-6-T Kettle, Table Top, Tilting, 6-gallon Cap, 208/3 V

KaTom #: 109-KET6T

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Blodgett 10E-KTT 2081
Blodgett 10E-KTT 2081 10-Gallon Table Top Tilting Kettle w/ Manual Til...

KaTom #: 015-10EKTT2081

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Cleveland 24EMK624 2083
Cleveland 24EMK624 2083 6-Gallon Kettle Cabinet Assembly w/ 24-in Base...

KaTom #: 109-24EMK6242083

Cleveland 42EMK11124 2083
Cleveland 42EMK11124 2083 42-in Cabinet Assembly w/ (3) 80-oz Oyster K...

KaTom #: 109-42EMK111242083

Cleveland HA-MKGL-100 LP
Cleveland HA-MKGL-100 LP 100-Gallon Stationary Mixer Kettle w/ Horizon...

KaTom #: 109-HAMKGL100LP

Cleveland MKGL-40-T LP
Cleveland MKGL-40-T LP 40-Gal Tilt Kettle Mixer w/ Solid-State Tempera...

KaTom #: 109-MKGL40TLP

Cleveland KDL-125-F
Cleveland KDL-125-F 125-Gallon Full Direct Steam Kettle w/ Open Tri-Le...

KaTom #: 109-KDL125F

Cleveland TMKDL-125-T 2083
Cleveland TMKDL-125-T 2083 Twin 125-Gal Tilt Kettle Mixer w/ Variable...

KaTom #: 109-TMKDL125T2083

Cleveland KDL-60-TSH
Cleveland KDL-60-TSH 60-Gallon Short Direct Steam Tilt Kettle w/ Open...

KaTom #: 109-KDL60TSH

Cleveland TMKEL-80-T 2083
Cleveland TMKEL-80-T 2083 Twin 80-Gal Tilt Kettle Mixer w/ Variable Sp...

KaTom #: 109-TMKEL80T2083

Cleveland KDT-1-T
Cleveland KDT-1-T .5-Gallon Table Top Direct Steam Tilt Kettle w/ Righ...

KaTom #: 109-KDT1T

Cleveland KEL-40-T 2083
Cleveland KEL-40-T 2083 40-Gallon Tilting Kettle w/ Open 3-Leg Base, 2...

KaTom #: 109-KEL40T2083

Vulcan-Hart ET150 2403
Vulcan-Hart ET150 2403 150-Gallon Stationary Kettle w/ Spring-Assisted...

KaTom #: 207-ET1502403

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Vulcan-Hart K20EL 2403
Vulcan-Hart K20EL 2403 Stationary Kettle w/ 20-Gallon Capacity, Spring...

KaTom #: 207-K20EL2403

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Call us for pricing $12,098.25 / Each
Cleveland KGL-40 NG
Cleveland KGL-40 NG 40-Gallon Stationary Kettle w/ Electronic Ignition...

KaTom #: 109-KGL40NG

Vulcan-Hart K40ELT 2083
Vulcan-Hart K40ELT 2083 40-Gallon Tilting Kettle w/ Manual Tilt, Fauce...

KaTom #: 207-K40ELT2083

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Cleveland MKDL-100-T 2083
Cleveland MKDL-100-T 2083 100-Gallon Direct Steam Kettle Mixer w/ Swee...

KaTom #: 109-MKDL100T2083

Vulcan-Hart K60GL NG
Vulcan-Hart K60GL NG 60-Gallon Stationary Kettle w/ Spring Assist Cove...

KaTom #: 207-K60GLNG

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Call us for pricing $17,992.05 / Each
Cleveland MKEL-60-T 2083
Cleveland MKEL-60-T 2083 60-Gallon Tilt Kettle Mixer w/ Sweet Fold Agi...

KaTom #: 109-MKEL60T2083

Vulcan-Hart VEKT50/66 2403
Vulcan-Hart VEKT50/66 2403 50-in Kettle Stand Assembly, (2) K6ETT Titl...

KaTom #: 207-VEKT50662403

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Call us for pricing $15,648.40 / Each
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