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Everybody has a favorite pizza, whether it's Chicago style, thin crust, white sauce, or pineapple pizza. All recipes have their champions and their detractors. We'll help you make sense of the endless sea of pans, perforations, and deep dishes so that you can make the pizza you're passionate about. Browse KaTom's selection of flat, deep dish, and cast iron pizza pans here and find what you need to make your favorite pies. More

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American Metalcraft 18918P
American Metalcraft 18918P 18" Perforated Pizza Disk, Aluminum

KaTom #: 166-18918P

In Stock
$5.87 / Each
Winco APZT-10
Winco APZT-10 10" Round Wide Rim Pizza Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-APZT10

In Stock
$1.43 / Each
Winco APZC12
Winco APZC12 12" Round Coupe Pizza Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-APZC12

In Stock
$1.64 / Each
Browne 575307
Browne 575307 Aluminum Pizza Plates, 7" Diameter, Solid, 1.0 Gauge

KaTom #: 158-575307

$1.89 / Each
Update PT-WR10
Update PT-WR10 10" Wide Rim Pizza Tray - Aluminum

KaTom #: 370-PTWR10

In Stock
$1.39 / Each
Winco APZC-10
Winco APZC-10 10" Round Pizza Pan, Coupe, Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-APZC10

In Stock
$1.33 / Each
American Metalcraft TP14
American Metalcraft TP14 14" Wide Rim Pizza Pan, Solid, Aluminum

KaTom #: 166-TP14

In Stock
$3.46 / Each
American Metalcraft TP9
American Metalcraft TP9 9" Wide Rim Pizza Pan, Solid, Aluminum

KaTom #: 166-TP9

In Stock
$1.90 / Each
Update PT-WR18
Update PT-WR18 18" Wide Rim Pizza Tray - Aluminum

KaTom #: 370-PTWR18

In Stock
$3.59 / Each
Winco APZT-20
Winco APZT-20 20" Round Wide Rim Pizza Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-APZT20

In Stock
$4.83 / Each
Winco APZC-14
Winco APZC-14 14" Round Coupe Pizza Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-APZC14

In Stock
$2.56 / Each
American Metalcraft CAR12
American Metalcraft CAR12 12" Solid Pizza Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 166-CAR12

In Stock
$3.99 / Each
Update PT-WR14
Update PT-WR14 14" Wide Rim Pizza Tray - Aluminum

KaTom #: 370-PTWR14

$2.39 / Each
Winco APZT-12
Winco APZT-12 12" Round Wide Rim Pizza Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-APZT12

In Stock
$2.33 / Each
Winco APZT-16
Winco APZT-16 16" Round Wide Rim Pizza Pan, Aluminum

KaTom #: 080-APZT16

In Stock
$3.27 / Each
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Commonly Asked Questions About Pizza Pans

Why are there so many types of pizza pans?

Because there are so many types of pizza! Of course, the size of a pan determines the diameter of the pizza you can bake on it, from petite personal pizzas to foldable New York style slices. The sides of a pan determine the shape and height of the crust, and different materials provide a different style of cooking and different crust textures. Perforated pans expose the crust to more air and provide a crispy texture. All of these options create different results, and only you can choose which ones fit your operation best.

Why should I use a pan to cook my pizza?

Pizza pans offer a lot of versatility for your establishment. Many restaurants like to bake, cut, and serve pizza all in one dish, which saves time that might be otherwise wasted. Some types of pizza require a pan or dish in the oven, such as Chicago or deep dish pizzas. Without the shaping form of a pan, deep dish pizzas wouldn't be able to achieve the desired height. And you will need something to serve the pizzas on – why not the same dish you bake them in?

Why are there holes in my pan?

Perforated pans let hot air through to the bottom to wick away moisture and create a crispy crust. Like everything else with pizza, crust is a matter of preference, but if you want a crisp, crunchy crust, give perforated pans a try. You can cut and serve on a perforated pan as well.

What are pizza pans made from?

Most pans are made from either aluminum or cast iron. Aluminum is light, cheap, and heats moderately evenly. Almost all flat and tapered pans are made from aluminum, but some deep dish pizza pans are made from cast iron. Cast iron pizza pans are beneficial because they are durable and provide a traditional aesthetic that your guests might enjoy; however, serving in cast iron can be difficult due to its heavy weight. Aluminum pans will warp over time if they are used to cut and serve since the repetitive pressure will eventually leave marks in the aluminum, and you will have to repurchase your pans. Some variants, like anodized aluminum, are more durable than standard aluminum.

What are stackable pans?

"Stackable" on some of our products refers to storage, not cooking. Stackable deep dish pizza pans will slot inside of each other when not in use to save space. Some can also be stacked with prepared dough inside for quicker prep time before cooking.

Why are there so many different types of sides?

The different types of sides (tapered, straight, and flat) provide different crust shapes. Your pizza will expand as it is cooked and climb up the edges of the pan. Straight sides will produce a straight crust, flat pans will produce a naturally risen crust, and tapered sides will be in between. Picture your perfect crust, then look for the type of pan that should be used to cook it.

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