Dust Mop

Dust mops are available in a number of styles to fit different applications. Twisted-loop mops offer the highest level of dust pickup, and they're also less likely to get snagged on objects and fixtures. Looped-end mops offer excellent coverage and hold up to repeated launderings without fraying. Some cut-end mops can be laundered and reused, but many are considered disposable and are not designed to be washed. Some commercial dust mops are made with antimicrobial agents that resist the growth of bacteria to help keep the mops sanitary between washings.

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Carlisle 4574400
Carlisle 4574400 21" Feather Duster - Wood Handle

KaTom #: 028-4574400

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$6.87 / Each
Carlisle 3649000
Carlisle 3649000 Wedge Dust Mop - Canvas

KaTom #: 028-3649000

$5.72 / Each
Rubbermaid FG9C0400 0000
Rubbermaid FG9C0400 0000 Lambs Wool Duster - 30-42" Plastic Handle

KaTom #: 007-FG9C04000000

$53.92 / Pack of 6
Rubbermaid FGU13067WH00
Rubbermaid FGU13067WH00 Cut-End Wedge Dust Mop Kit - White

KaTom #: 007-FGU13067WH00

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$24.38 / Each
Rubbermaid FGQ80500WH00
Rubbermaid FGQ80500WH00 Flow Flat Dust Mop - White

KaTom #: 007-FGQ80500WH00

$75.24 / Pack of 6
Rubbermaid FGU13000WH00
Rubbermaid FGU13000WH00 Cut-End Wedge Dust Mop Head - White

KaTom #: 007-FGU13000WH00

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$9.27 / Each
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