Popcorn Popper Machine

Commercial popcorn poppers can bring an intriguing element to any establishment. The aroma of fresh popcorn reaches past your storefront and markets itself to drive impulse sales, and the visual element of the machine churning out popcorn is a merchandiser all its own. We'll go over the models and some common questions below. More

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Star G12-Y
Star G12-Y 12 oz Popcorn Machine, (240) 1 oz Servings, 120V

KaTom #: 062-G12Y

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$1,576.00 / Each
Winco POP-8B
Winco POP-8B Countertop Popcorn Machine w/ 8 oz Kettle & Warmer Li...

KaTom #: 080-POP8B

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$179.00 / Each
Gold Medal 2388
Gold Medal 2388 Special 88 Popcorn Machine w/ 8 oz Kettle & Red St...

KaTom #: 231-2388120240

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$578.67 / Each
Star 39S-A
Star 39S-A Popcorn Popper, 6 oz Kettle, (135) 1oz Servings, Stainless

KaTom #: 062-39SA

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$913.00 / Each
Gold Medal 2552
Gold Medal 2552 Pop Maxx Popcorn Popper - 14 oz EZ Kleen Kettle &...

KaTom #: 231-2552120240

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$864.99 / Each
Gold Medal 2408
Gold Medal 2408 FunPop Popcorn Machine w/ 8 oz EZ Kleen Kettle & R...

KaTom #: 231-2408120240

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$474.05 / Each
Star 39R-A
Star 39R-A Popcorn Popper, 6 oz Kettle, (135) 1oz Servings, Antique Re...

KaTom #: 062-39RA

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$913.00 / Each
Gold Medal 2001ST
Gold Medal 2001ST Citation Popcorn Machine w/ Deluxe 16 oz Unimaxx Ket...

KaTom #: 231-2001ST120208

$1,629.50 / Each
Star 86S
Star 86S Popcorn Popper, 8 oz Kettle, (170) 1 oz Servings, 120v

KaTom #: 062-86S

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$1,015.00 / Each
Star 86SS
Star 86SS Popcorn Popper, Self-Serve, 8 oz Kettle, (170) 1 oz Servings

KaTom #: 062-86SS

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$1,056.00 / Each
Gold Medal 2670-071
Gold Medal 2670-071 32 oz Odyssey Popcorn Machine w/ Base & Electr...

KaTom #: 231-2670071

$6,169.51 / Each
Gold Medal 2451
Gold Medal 2451 Master Pop Popcorn Machine w/ 6 oz EZ Kleen Kettle &am...

KaTom #: 231-2451120208

$500.69 / Each
Gold Medal 2488
Gold Medal 2488 Super 88 Popcorn Machine w/ 8 oz EZ Kettle & Red D...

KaTom #: 231-2488120240

$727.17 / Each
Star 39-A
Star 39-A Popcorn Popper, 6 oz Kettle, (135) 1oz Servings, Yellow

KaTom #: 062-39A

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$913.00 / Each
Gold Medal 2001
Gold Medal 2001 Citation Popcorn Machine w/ 16 oz Unimaxx Kettle &...

KaTom #: 231-2001120208

$1,549.25 / Each
Gold Medal 2556
Gold Medal 2556 32 oz Discovery Popcorn Popper w/ Non-Reversible Dome,...

KaTom #: 231-2556120208

$4,276.80 / Each
Gold Medal 6050
Gold Medal 6050 U-Tote-It Popper

KaTom #: 231-6050

$345.18 / Each
Gold Medal 2022E
Gold Medal 2022E Astro Pop 16 Popcorn Machine w/ 16 oz Unimaxx Kettle...

KaTom #: 231-2022E120208

$2,544.21 / Each
Gold Medal 2023E
Gold Medal 2023E Astro Pop 16 Popcorn Machine w/ 16 oz Unimaxx Kettle...

KaTom #: 231-2023E120240

$2,544.21 / Each
Gold Medal 2024
Gold Medal 2024 Econo 16 Popcorn Machine w/ 16 oz Unimaxx Kettle &...

KaTom #: 231-2024120240

$1,934.40 / Each
Gold Medal 2024ST
Gold Medal 2024ST Econo 16 Popcorn Machine w/ 16 oz Kettle & Red S...

KaTom #: 231-2024ST120240

$2,120.18 / Each
Gold Medal 2241EDN
Gold Medal 2241EDN Cornado Popcorn Machine w/ (2) 48 oz Kettles &...

KaTom #: 231-2241EDN120208

$15,750.99 / Each
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Common Questions About Commercial Popcorn Machines

Why do some popcorn poppers have wheels?

These throwback machines are styled after the very first automated popcorn machines, which came into use in the 1890s. The first commercial popcorn poppers were used as street carts, enabling operators to follow whatever attraction was drawing a crowd or park at a busy sidewalk and entice customers with the scent and sound of popping corn. These first machines were powered by steam engines and frequently roasted peanuts, chestnuts, and even coffee along with popcorn. Our throwback versions aren't steam powered and don't make coffee, but they do offer the celebratory air of a town fair, circus, or picture show. Most of them are mobile, and some even use gas to power the machinery. As such, they are perfect for temporary or mobile venues, such as a farmers' market.

Should I get a display popper or a back-of-house unit?

Many commercial popcorn machines are designed to be aesthetically appealing and entice your customers into purchasing popcorn. Others have utilitarian designs that focus on producing quality popcorn quickly. If you plan on having the popcorn maker on the counter or on display in your establishment, choose one that looks inviting. Typically, these models will have windows through which the customer can see the corn popping and filling up the machine, along with a door for scooping popcorn. The back-of-house options are made for efficiency. If you plan on making very large quantities of popcorn or if your popcorn station will be back-of-house, don't worry about aesthetics. Instead, get the machine that does the most work in the shortest amount of time.

Which industrial popcorn machine do I need?

You'll need to make several differentiations before purchasing an industrial popcorn machine, the first being size. How much space do you have available for a popcorn machine? Then consider what space will maximize the use of a popcorn machine. If you plan on merchandising with the machine, your space will need to be near the front of the house. You'll also need to determine how much popcorn you sell on average and choose a machine that meets that demand. Popcorn poppers are rated by the volume of unpopped kernels the kettle will hold at a given time. Volume of kernels translates to different total servings based on how big your establishment's servings will be. Consult the specification sheet on the product you're considering to find detailed breakdowns of exactly how much popped corn each machine can produce over a given time frame.

The last major consideration you'll need to make is power. Smaller options typically use a standard 120v plug, so all you'll need is an outlet. However, some larger machines need more power. Consult building maintenance to ensure you'll be able to power the machine in the desired location.

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