Popcorn Popper Machine

Popcorn poppers are pretty basic machines that can pack quite a profitable wallop when used the right way. The enticing aroma of fresh popcorn is one that most people can't resist, making it a popular choice for impulses sales. No movie experience is complete with this classic, buttery treat. Whether you're serving up a little bit or a lot, choosing the right popcorn popper for the job requires a few considerations. More

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Star 86S Popcorn Popper, 8-oz Kettle, (170) 1-oz Servings

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The primary consideration when choosing a popcorn popper will be the amount of popcorn you'll be serving. Some countertop or cart-mountable models can pop as few as 4-20 ounces at a time, making them ideal for smaller venues like school concession stands and snack bars. If you're serving the masses in a movie theater or sports arenas, a 28 ounce up to a double 48 ounce popper will easily provide the output you'll need.

The frames for these poppers may be made of aluminum or stainless steel. The cabinet will be constructed of either tempered glass or plexiglass, but the doors will typically be made of plexiglass making them lighter for easier accessibility. They often have vibrant graphics, helping to stimulate impulse buys. The countertop versions of these machines can also be mounted on a cart, making them ideal for marketing. The larger versions often have bases to provide ample storage for unpopped corn, oil, and packaging.