Fryer Accessories

Having the right tools ensures you'll be able to use your fryer to prepare exactly the menu items you intend, from fries to funnel cakes. The groups below include some of the most common items used in this type of cooking. Whether they're intended to make cooking easier, like fry scoops and drop-bottom baskets, or to allow your fryer to operate at all, like gas hoses and filters, you'll find it here.

Fry Dump Station

A fry dump station installed in your cook line can make your kitchen run more efficiently and increase the volume of fried foods you can serve.

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Fryer Basket

KaTom offers a wide variety of fryer baskets to fit any model.

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Deep Fryer Parts & Accessories

Click here to find deep fryer accessories such as new filters, converters, and casters to make the frying, serving, and cleaning processes less of a hassle.

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French Fry Scoop

A French fry scoop provides both a safe and convenient way to load freshly cooked fries into serving containers.

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Fryer Screen

A fryer screen can help keep your fried foods tasting great by keeping crumbs and sediment from getting charred.

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Taco Fryer Basket

These taco baskets make it easy and efficient to fry taco shells in a traditional fryer.

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