Shortening Disposal Unit

Even with daily filtering and regular cleanings of the frypot, all cooking oil eventually becomes compromised to the point of no longer being useful for frying foods. Whether it's because it's imparting an unwanted taste to your foods, has a dark appearance or strong odor, or just isn't cooking as it should, cooking oil must be replaced from time to time. That's when one of these portable units comes in handy, allowing you and your employees to avoid having to carry large containers of hot grease to the collection point.

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Frymaster PF95LP
Frymaster PF95LP 80-lb Commercial Fryer Filter - Gravity, 120v

KaTom #: 006-PF95LP

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Frymaster PSDU50
Frymaster PSDU50 50-lb Shortening Disposal Unit

KaTom #: 006-PSDU50

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Pitco D9109105
Pitco D9109105 40-lb Shortening Disposal Unit

KaTom #: 169-FATVAT

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Frymaster PSDU100
Frymaster PSDU100 100-lb Shortening Disposal Unit

KaTom #: 006-PSDU100

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Winston F552A8
Winston F552A8 82.5-lb Commercial Fryer Filter - Suction, 120v

KaTom #: 081-F552A8

(You can remove it at any time)
B.K.I. OC-80
B.K.I. OC-80 80-lb Shortening Disposal Unit

KaTom #: 559-OC80

$1,032.60 / Each
B.K.I. OC-90
B.K.I. OC-90 150-lb Shortening Disposal Unit

KaTom #: 559-OC90

$1,390.20 / Each
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